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dear ama. my name is lonnie king i live in michigan iam a paranormal investigator and own my own paranormal investigator business here. i have been investigating for ove 25 years now. the question i have to ask is very dear to me. my brother died back in 2003. he was eight years older than i. i was shocked one morning to pick up my phone and to see that i had 4 voice mails on it. my phones have been swapped out several times in the past but the number remains the same. i never keep saved messages on my phone for no more than a few days. and my phone will automatically delete any messages after 30 days, these messages dated back to 2003 from past voice mails that my brother had left me back then. they were just messages asking me to pick him up at the restaurant and some of them asking me to take him to get his prescriptions. all of a sudden these messages popped up 9 years later/ iam confused greatly need help on this one . is this prehaps a message from my brother letting me know some thing is about to happen or is he trying to get in touch with a family member or so on. iam very concerned about this . or is it old messages that he is using for clues or something. iam a investigator and iam a professional but i need help from a more expierienced professional than myself. plese email me back and let me know what you think.  thank you lonnie m king

Hello Lonnie,

We have to eliminate the possible, before we look at the paranormal, so let me get my facts straight .. are you talking about your cell phone?  Are you still using the same 'sim' card (I don't know what they are called in America .. the memory card?  Are you still using the same service provider?  Do they keep backups of your message somewhere in their system?  I ask this because my service provider seems to, and messages sent over a week ago (or 'weeks' ago), often finally arrive on my phone, and the same happens with my husband's.  We both have the same service provider.  

In the case of your messages, have you had them longer than 30 days now?  Has your phone tried to erase them yet, and can't?  It could be glitch on your sim card, if you haven't replaced it.  It's a lovely glitch, but it could be.

So .. having eliminated all of those .. nine years?  :-)  My father took 14 years to come back to visit me, but he still came.  Some spirits take longer, or shorter, or sometimes it only happens when we finally give in and allow them to make their presence known.

I don't know the content of the messages, but given that you say they are all ordinary, and about your usual activities together, I think its more a message to say 'hi mate, I am fine'.  A warning is more likely to come through your dreams .. so have you been dreaming about him recently, and what do the dreams contain?  If the dreams are sad or frightening, it could be that your brother is a lost soul, but if they are brief, cheerful, 'memory' type of ones .. its more of the above.  "Hi, I'm fine now".  You can also ask him to talk to you in your dreams, because the phone thing is confusing you.  They can do this.  

I think I found you up on the net .. are you 'bounty hunter'?  Are you the tech side of the business, or are you an intuitive, or perhaps just opening up to the psychic side of your nature?  Perhaps your brother is helping you with this?  It's a great way of showing you there is more to our 'after life' than setting up thermometers and cameras .. but we (the group I often work with) do get some great video at our favourite haunted house.  :-)

I wonder if your brother is joking around?  What a lovely tangible way to make his presence known, and perhaps bring back good memories?

Love & Peace

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