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Okay so, Im 15 years old and ive delt with paranormal thigs pretty much alot. Ive used and ouija board before and had paranormal things happen mostly starting after that. About 2 years ago in my old house i was having a sleepover and we all used the ouija board and it had spelled out a friends anitials once we gad asked it if it wanted to hurt any of us but, we didnt think anything of it really we were just really scared. then about a week later I had been getting ready to go to bed and my room was in the basement at that house and i had accidently unplugged my cable box which takes about 5-10 minutes to start back up and so i had layed down in bed and roled away from the tv. i had my eyes closed for a bit and then i heard something fly through the air and land on the end table next to me and when i shinned my phone light at that end table and there was a marker. so i believe a marker had been thrown across the room i dont know if it were intentionally thrown at me or what. Another experience of mine. i was sitting in my room in tge home i live in now and i was watching tv and a commercial for the movie "The Devil Inside" and right after the commercial my lamp in my room had shut off and turned back on. i knew the switch had to be turned because when it shut off it made a clicking sound and when it turned back on it also made the clicking noise it makes when you turn the nob. but to the point of my question. we just started remodling my room like tearing out carpet,painting, etc. and so lastnight we had just finished all the painting and tearing all the xarpet out and me and my friend that was staying the night slept. and the next day she woke up with a terrible headache. she sai it hurt so bad that it made her feel like throwing up and i just though of it as a sinple headache but, then later that day my boyfriend came over and he said he got an.instant headache when he entered the room. so i was thinking, could it maybe be a paranormal entity that isnt happy with the changes to the room

Hi Dajzah,

It can be very irritating when ghosts don't like what we do to 'our' houses, long after they are dead.  It seems renovations can stir them and make them express their disapproval .. or it could just be that some ghost has wandered into your home, perhaps attached to one of your friends who came to play with the ouija ...

.... or .. the ouija is a door through which very negative entities come through to haunt people who play with the thing. For your own sake, and safety of your friends, take it outside, break it into pieces and burn it.  The longer you play with it the more addicted you might get, and the more likely you are to connect to something truly nasty, and hurt everyone.

No, I am not kidding when I say this.  It happens all too frequently, and can often be a problem that is very difficult to fix.

As for your current ghost ..   

The invocation on that page clears a person of negative entities, so do it twice, the first time for you and then say it again to clear your home.  That will stop any headaches, which are often caused when a ghost takes far too much energy from a living person, without their permission.  The other thing to think about is that if the headaches keep happening, your friends are not going to want to come to your house anymore.

Don't let a ghost hang around that can throw thing, cause you physical pain, and play with the lights.  The next thing they throw might not be blunt.  It's far better to be safe than sorry.

Love & Peace

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