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I work at an animal shelter. I have always been in tune with spirits, however, this is beyond me. My co-worker and I have been experiencing some troubling incidents. We have seen two separate apparitions in the past two weeks. We went for a walk along the entire grounds (which is quite large) and have an over-whelming urge of spirits needing help. We both feel a very bad presence involving what we believe to have been involved in ritualistic killings. These possible killings involve several people, mostly children. There is a definite bad spirit trying to stop our progress. There is a sense of urgency in this. The number "three" keeps coming up. Oddly enough, there is no information on the property or shelter before 10 years ago. I truly need help on this one.

Hi Shirley,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts with your questions and concerns. First off I'd like to say that I admire the noble work that you do. I am going to start by answering the issues of the "threes". There is a belief that three is a demonic number used to ridicule and make jest of the trinities so often found in Judeo-Christian beliefs, namely the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity. Catholic exorcists are among the most adamant of the supporters of that belief. However, the number three is widely used in many beliefs and faiths with just the opposite meaning, that being one of benevolence. And of course, most believe that it is just a number. There is a good chance that the threes that you are encountering are more of a Freudian coincidence than a Jung synchronicity. Here is an experiment. For the next few days look for things that are red. By Friday you'll be amazed by the amount of things you'll find if you are deliberately looking for them.

  The fact is I do not believe that there is anything happening to you that can be attributed to demons. That is not to say that the entity that you have encountered is not evil to the core. He was likely a evil to the core kind of guy while alive. As in life - so in death. I believe that the ghost realm is teaming with nasty individuals. Why not, they are not likely to discover that there actually is an after life and then risk the possibility of eternal punishment by crossing over into the light. So they remain earthbound in a realm where they can pretty much do as they please and get away with it. I believe that this may be what you have encountered as of late. I do not feel, despite the two separate viewing of what appeared to be different apparitions, that there are two at work here but rather one guising as two. That is a common ghost trick. Confusion adds to tension, and that is the type of energy that these types of entity thrive off of so if he appears as two, you would think that you were in twice as much trouble. Don't fall for it. Guys like this were likely to live by intimidation while alive and that doesn't change upon death.

  I will also mention that I refer to ghosts and spirits as different states of a soul. A spirit is one who has gone into the light and now has a chance to grow and evolve. A ghost on the other hand, for what ever reason, did not complete the journey. Therefore it is not spirits that you feel that need help, but rather other earthbound souls - ghosts who are afraid of this intimidating being. Spirits would be above that kind of terror. It is not the spirits who need help, it is the spirits who must provide the help. Unfortunately, the frightened ghosts have no idea that they can just walk away without repercussion.

  Negative energies are not impossible to clear. My first suggestion, and it comes with a warning, is to make a daily effort to call on your spirit guides, guardians and gate keepers (astral bouncers) to make certain that you are protected and to engulf you in a bubble of pure, protective white light. Imagine that light entering you and filling your every pore. If you are of a certain faith, you may also wish to ask your deity for help and protection. Here is that warning: keep any religious aspects personal and internal, do not project the religion onto or toward the entity as it will make things worse. You may also wish to invoke the protection of the Archangel Michael. All of the above can be as simple as asking for help from these spirits. They all know who they are, who you are and what your needs are so a long winded invocation is more ceremony than necessity. However, if you wish a more formal method, I have a simple rite on the Eidolon Project Canada web site. You will need a password to access it as I keep it out of the public eye but offer it to those who contact me here. If you wish the invocation contact me at
and I will get that out to you.

  You may also want to smudge or sage the area. You can do this yourself, or I would suggest that you find someone to perform this for you, perhaps a native American shaman/medicine man as this is dealing with the land itself being haunted. As I do not know from where in the USA that you are writing from, I can offer on assistance in finding someone.

  Shirley, I believe that what you are going through will most likely be short lived. I can not say what this person did or did not do while alive, and what is ultimately more important is what he is doing now and how to deal with it. To that end your spirit helpers must be called in so that the clearing of the negative energy is from two fronts, yours from the earth realm and from above the ghost realm by the guardians, angels, gatekeepers and the reinforcements that they may require. Yours is not a unwinnable fight. On the contrary, your state of urgency is soon to end.

  If you need any more assistance or information about this or any other dilemma that may arise you know how to get a hold of me. remember that I'm here to help.

Take care,

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