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Paranormal Phenomena/Positive Energy in Doll/Possible Possession?


QUESTION: Dear Pocha,
At first glance, this may sound corny, but bare with me.  I have a doll which emits a strong positive energy.  I made this doll by hand.  I have made many dolls (I do not make the cloth, yarn, or thread, but I do put it all together), and none of the others are like this.  I have wondered if it is possible for a spirit to possess a doll due to this (though am not assuming this is what has happened).  I now will elaborate.
This doll was the very first doll I ever made by hand.  I soon made several others within the next couple months after it.  When I first made it, it felt like any other doll.  I can project my own energy onto any of the dolls - I am already aware of this phenomenon and this is not what is occurring now.  Shortly after making the doll, however, I began to feel a strong positive energy coming from the doll.  When I enter a room where the doll is, I can feel the energy.  If I touch the doll, I can feel it much stronger.  If I touch the doll's "hands" (more like mittens) with my hands, the energy that bursts into me is even stronger (such that I could possibly describe a "bursting" sensation).  The energy is very positive.  If I ever tend to the doll (setting the hair right, changing the outfit, dusting it, etc.) I can feel the energy and it feels so well that I can't help but smile, even if I was in a bad mood.  I do not feel an energy at all like this with any of my other dolls.  All of my dolls were made with tender care and I do not think this is a matter of being more "attached" to the doll.  The doll has not done any other things that might be associated with possession, such as moving, floating, or glowing.  The only thing is the energy and the overall sense that it feels "alive" due to this energy.  Where I am sitting now is near where this doll is, and it feels as though another person - a very positive person - is sitting nearby me.  The energy never increased or decreased.  It simply was and still is.  It once did not have the energy, but later did.
I do not know if this is of any relevance, but in case it is I will tell this also.  When I was a child I had a bunny-doll.  It was apparently a gift for Easter when I was a baby, but since I was a baby I never remembered not having it.  As a child I carried it everywhere.  I think this is pretty normal, but I carried it longer than I think most children do, even when I was nine years old.  Then one day my mother picked up the bunny and said, "Oh, wow, this bunny has really positive energy, no wonder you carry it everywhere."  I wasn't surprised and didn't need to ask what she was talking about because I already knew - that was exactly why I carried it everywhere.  The bunny was bursting with positive energy.  Then one day I stopped carrying it around everywhere.  It still sat in my room but untouched for years.  In fact, I still own it now.  Except today, and as it has been now for years, there is no energy.  It's just a normal bunny - sure, with sentimental connections, but that's it.  I do not remember the feeling of the bunny well enough to know if it was the same as I what I feel from this hand-made doll of mine now.
Another thing that I do not know how relevant it is is that I have always expressed from extrasensory ability.  I have predicted things in the past.  When i was a child I was able to predict the rain with 100% accuracy, but as I got older the sense of when it would rain came less and less until, in my teen years, I could never predict it.  I once had a full-blown vision - as a teenager, when I entered the car with my boyfriend at the time, I suddenly could not see anything as my vision was replaced by dust and a sense of spinning.  Meanwhile I could "hear" a voice telling me that unless I did something to prevent it, we would crash that day.  I paid no heed to the voice, too excited about being with my boyfriend and not wanting him to slow down driving, and soon enough we crashed and I saw everything I had seen in my vision exactly.  I had always had an open-mind, but before that "visions" were too much for me.  I didn't believe in them.  Then I had one myself, and obviously my perceptions on things changed.
I have seen spirits, been touched by spirits, and even "communicated" to spirits ever since I was a child.  I try to keep this all quiet normally as most people are not open to these kinds of things, but here I feel you probably are.  I don't know if having some extrasensory ability could play into what is going on with my doll, but just in case I thought to mention it here.  You said to be thorough, and so I am being thorough.
Also, one thing I forgot to mention was that others around me can also feel the energy.  My mother, again, without me saying anything to her noted one day when I was showing her my dolls that this particular doll had a strong energy.
Thank you for any ideas or help about what might be going on with my doll.  Oh, and it has been like this for four years now.

ANSWER: Hello Amber,

  REVISED ANSWER: Thank you for your letter and your patience. I do believe that you feel a certain energy with this doll, that goes without saying. From your letter, the fact that you feel the energy does not seem to be the matter at hand, but rather where this energy could be coming from. First off, you state that you do not believe that it is a matter of you being more attracted to this particular doll. I will disagree with that. It is almost a given that one will be more attracted to something that was created by themselves - even more so if it was the first piece that they created. You also state that you can project your energy, but that you do not believe that to be the case here. Again I disagree. You may not be consciously projecting your energies, but you are doing so on a subconscious level.

  I do not see the doll as being possessed as we think of the term - no Chucky here! However a ghost child may be attached or attracted to it because of the positive energies that it is emitting and the fact that it is a doll! If this is the case, then this ghost child is indeed lucky to have such a possession, albeit not in any physical sense. In a way not only has she found a companion with the doll, but also indirectly with you as she can feed off of the positive energy that both you and the doll emit. I guess what I am saying, and this may be drawing a fine line, that the doll is not possessed, but rather a loved possession. That is of course, providing the above scenario is indeed the case with your situation.

  It is easy to see that you share a feeling of psychical abilities with your mom. That is not uncommon - it is in fact expected, as psychical gifts often run in families. More often than not among the females, although a generation may be skipped. There were inconclusive studies looking for a generic "marker" done in the past - nothing was proven. That being said, the family psychical link does exist.

  While on the subject of theory, and as how this pertains to this subject, there is an idea in parapsychology that is known as the Stone Tape Theory. In a nut shell, it states that energies released into the ambient atmosphere can be recorded in the very atmosphere itself, or recorded in physical structures such as walls - or in your case dolls. The energy is recorded much as a cassette tape records sounds. (Incidentally, cassette tape is magnetic tape and everything that has a presence has an electromagnetic signature so to speak. The idea is that anything could act as a medium on which one could "record" events and energies.) Residual Phenomena (wrongly referred to as a residual haunting) is an example of the stone tape theory in practice.

  Amber, I am glad to have heard from you as usually I hear from people who are wrapped up in the "negative" aspects of the paranormal. I enjoy your positive outlook. It is little wonder that you project positive energy.

  Thank you for contacting me at All Experts. If there is anything else that I can do let me know - I'm here to help.

Take care,

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QUESTION: Dear Pocha,
I just wanted to tell you thank you for your response.  Thank you for taking the time to read my long question, evaluate it, and provide me with your insight.  I appreciate the time and your response.  I did not know about some of what you said, such as the "stone tape theory", and I see your point with some of the areas where you disagreed with what I had originally said.  Your answer has helped me and I am glad that you enjoyed my question, it's nice to know if something I do happens to make someone else happy even if in the slightest, it's a nice bonus.  :)  Thank you also for saying "It is little wonder that you project positive energy," I take that as a compliment.  So this is not really a follow-up question but I just felt rude not saying thank you, so again, thank you.


Hi Amber,

Thank you for your kind words. I do not accept ratings as I feel that I would then be answering to get a high rating and not from the heart - honestly. Therefore I do not hear back from the people that I have replied to so it is nice to hear that my answer was helpful for you. You are most welcome, and thanks again!

Take care,  

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