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I will try to keep this concise, as I know these inquiries and explanations can be long-winded.

My facts: My husband and our dog moved into a large, old rental house last May. Immediately after we moved in our dog seemed uneasy in our bedroom and barked a lot near the back corner of our room. He calmed down within a few days and has since slept and even relaxed alone in the room. A little over a month ago, our new puppy was alarmed and showed the same behavior the night we brought her home and after a little struggle, she now sleeps and inhabits the bedroom just fine.

This seemed to be the only room in the house with some sort of presence (it seems to be a presence that is non-judmental, yet I feel watched a lot), until recently when I tried to convert one of the empty rooms in the basement into a yoga room. It has always been a strange feeling, cold, damp room and I attributed it to being a basement room, yet everywhere else in the basement is void of this not necessarily harmful, but just negative, "off" presence. As I was putting some curtains up and placing finishing touches on the new yoga space, I felt a strong presence on my left shoulder and a tugging on my right hip, as if signaling me to stop. I wasn't scared, but I did take notice! Even after the room seemed sufficiently decorated and transformed, it still felt odd and I have no inclination to spend time in there, let alone quiet yoga time!

My questions are: Is there possibly more than one presence in the home, explaining the energy upstairs in the bedroom and downstairs as well? Is there maybe just one presence and it just happens to not really care about us inhabiting the bedroom and just happens to prefer keeping the basement room for itself? Why would the dogs freak out initially and not now?

I consider myself very intuitive but I am puzzled.

Thank you!


Hello Aricha,

You have some very low key activity going on there, but be vigilant and see if it escalates.

This is now an "inherent" problem with this property that you have gone into without foreknowledge. Ask the owners of the property if any other people have experienced indications of paranormal activity in the house. I believe a person or people who stayed there about 6 years ago brought something in with them. Find out how many people have moved in and out in the last 6 years and why they moved if you can. The owners may suspect something is there, but don't address the issue.

Don't panic. You are in control as long as you remain calm and be strong in the face of the the mild feelings you have or the few sounds and disturbances with the animals. Keep an eye on your health in the home. If you start having generalized illness or pains -headaches,nausea or other mild physical complaints- please contact me again.

Avoid stress and take charge of the situation without confrontation with what you can't see.

Take care,

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