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Ok so ill try to keep it short and to the point as much as I can I'm not sure if I if its a shadow persons I'm seeing or not it has been flowing for a while and I can fell orther thangs to good bad and unknown thangs to but this one shadow person started out as a mist hard to c then turend in to a gray figure peeking around corners and now its a black human figure I cant c any eyes or anythang like that that I can c anyways and whair the hands and feet are no finger's there rounded and now when I c it I can loo right at and it doesn't poof a way it fells like it is staring back at me for at lest 30 seconds I do tell it to get out of my house and to never com back and to never to com near my family ever agen and to leave now but it doesn't and what bothers me the mostly at this time is for the last 2 mo its been hanging around my 1 and 1/2 yr old son he woke up a cupple of nights ago crying like he was hurt or scared and when I got there my son was looking around his room saying no no go and I felt strong felling of sumthing looking at me so I told it to go away now a never com back its the same ghost shadow person or what ever it is it but I still c it standind in his room from time to time sorry for the long story o and I here it say my name all the time to there is more to tell to but I have to go the more I talk about this thang the more I c it and I don't even want to fell it around me I can dell with all the orther sperits fut this one I don't know what it is y it wont leve so for my?  What is this thang and how do I make it go pleas help my e-maill is  

Hi Kristine,

Thank you for writing.

If you are dealing with spirits all the time you need to control your psychic gifts. Being open to everything is dangerous. You have attracted something that is not wholesome. Negative entities are hard to remove once they settle into a place. It's especially a bad idea to do unguarded spiritual work where children can be affected or even harmed.

Please learn about your gifts before exercising them. I suggest the following book for you to read: Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette to get you started.

To remove this entity, you will have to pray and change your spiritual methods via self-education or mentorship with someone local who will teach you proper use of your abilities.
I suggest if this entity doesn't leave that you get help by a professional to remove it. I suspect this may be a generational problem as well where spiritual attachments follow a family through generations until its bond with the line is broken. It's been with you for about 2 years and is escalating it's behavior.

Avoid fear and be as calm as possible. Do personal and environmental protection techniques to stop all presences in your home from bothering you and your family. There are no good spirits except Divine allies - angels, Jesus, God. Everything else is needy, energetically bad for you or just plain destructive.

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