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If you are under spirit oppression or are mildly possessed by spirits/entities you somehow invited into your life (from astral projection, summoning succubi, etc), and you go to sleep and enter sleep paralysis, can the spirits/entities that are with you do anything to you in that state? I read that sleep paralysis is intentionally induced by some people who want to astral project, so I was curious as to what any invited spirits or succubi are capable of doing to you if you're in that state, but you're not planning on leaving your body. Can they "yank" you out of your body, can they "touch" your astral body even if you haven't left it? Can they pull you from your dreams into a state of sleep paralysis so they can mess with you? Thanks.

Hi Dee,

I wonder if you can be a little bit more specific on what you are dealing with. I kind of need a narrowed down view of something to focus my opinion on. I need to know the parameters of what you are speaking, history if any, more information on what is happening to you in particular, etc.

I would like you to reply with a followup question if you would telling me more about the situation you find yourself in so that I can better help you.

In the meantime, I'll give you some basics.

Most "spirits" are demons. From succubi to many "spirit guides". When you open yourself up to these things you can become seriously possessed. Again, it depends on what your situation is. And if you are possessed, they do not leave. They simply give you back control until such a time as they can or want to surface again. Then they take control over your psyche again.

Oppression is when it doesn't get IN you, rather it gets ON you. Like it wraps around you like a shroud and takes control of your mental prowess for a few moments so long as you have energy they can leach off of you to accomplish whatever they intend to do to you or through you.

As far as the limits to what they can do to you in sleep regarding the astral body, or yanking you out of the physical body, etc. I would think that that is situational. Depends on what you are dealing with, what you have opened to, what you have attracted (if you purposely leave the physical body), WHO you've attracted on the astral plane- keep in mind adepts do astral projection and most are evil evil people that would do you harm. Possibly COULD do you harm if they wanted.

Again, these are just generalities. I really need to know exactly what you are dealing with before I can give you a informed answer.

I don't usually speak of ratings but, if you do rate this answer, please don't take off for knowledge or clarity, as I say, I need more input to give you a better answer.

Thank you, I will do my best to help you on this.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for your reply. In the past I attempted to "summon a succubus", astral project with a negative mindset (don't know if that attracted anything), meditate to "unlock" third eye/activate pineal gland, listened to brainwave entrainment audio that claimed to give me clairvoyant dreams (actually worked a few times, maybe coincidence). I started becoming very depressed for social reasons (mothers/fathers leer at me and cover their children - no idea why; other people, especially females who pass me react to me like I'm going to hit them or I'm a rapist - experiences like this make grocery shopping and just getting out of the house extremely psychologically demoralizing - my friends noticed it and they don't know why I'm "creepy" or "scary" to girls, so they concluded that I just give off bad vibes). Hence, the reasons for trying to summon a succubus - to compensate for the girl part. I'm not too happy with myself, so I started doing weird things like cutting myself with a scissor blade, but not too bleed, just to break skin, and poured vinegar over it so it would burn, spending hours in my car alone begging for an "imaginary friend" to comfort me, and I masturbate excessively. The worst parts of it is that there are voices in my head. I keep hearing things like put-loved-one-here "has cancer!" "will die of a heart attack!" "you will die of cancer/heart attack!" "your/loved-one-here's lung will collapse!" I hugged my mom before she left for work and I "heard" the word "bitch" in my head. It's not a physical voice, it's like my own mind's voice but those things I wouldn't ever say. Then there's the face contortions. My lip kind of frowns when I talk to people, it's hard to control it. That happens because there's a suggestive influence that gives me thoughts that "these people you are talking to are bad people", but I noticed over past year that those thoughts only come up when I interact with genuinely good and helpful people. When it's a bad person, the thoughts revolve around "this is a good person, spend your energy and efforts trying to please this person". Hence, I feel my body "open" up to these people. The weirdest part is there are "homosexual voices" in my head suggestive thoughts of homosexuality - I am 100% heterosexual, not gay. Everything going through my head is a complete reversal of my own correct judgment. I contacted a two Christianity-based paranormal investigators. The first one used to practice witchcraft but turned away completely and now actually casts out spirits in Jesus's name, always thanking the Lord for making them go. She did this to me once, but only by what aspects of my life I emailed to her, and she counted 9 spirit personalities in one area, and another 9 in another area of my life. They come back for some reason, I suspect, because my peace and quiet only lasted for a day. The other paranormal investigator said I was either mildly possessed or under oppression. He gave me a set of instructions that included: throw away all occult items, make your life as godly as possible, spend regular daily time in prayer to God, ask for the Holy Spirit, play Christian choir music through the home day and night because the spirits can't stand hearing that, play audio sermons from preachers who preach directly from the Bible. I kept to those things for the last 2 months, and I can safely say that it has been working. I've been blessed and my prayers were granted in so many specific circumstances in my life. I used to read the Bible every night, and there was always a message for me regarding whatever I cried out to the Lord in Jesus's name. But I'm falling away, because there are certain things I don't want to give away, like my hatred for women and couples who have an Adam and Eve love, and my hatred for married people. I hate this reality, so I'm doing everything I can to induce a state of sleep paralysis (it used to be so easy, now I'm on a dry spell) so I can enter a lucid dream state - the perfect getaway. That's why I was worried to what spirits can do to me if I'm in a state of sleep paralysis. I can't bring it in me to hold steady on trying to get these things out of my head if people keep treating me like garbage here. Sometimes, I just want to attack one of those people, but I swear that it's so hard to hold on to the fact that God despises such things. So I just tell myself, "there's no way I have to deal with these damn people. Maybe I don't belong in this reality, maybe there's a second universe somewhere - lucid dreams". I refuse to believe that this is the only universe - if this were the case, I'd go insane. I can't bring myself to drive away the spirits by following the instructions I was given, because the absolute first thing I need to do is get the hell out of here, I don't care how long a time before returning. I just don't want spirits messing with me when I'm in sleep paralysis and about to enter a lucid dream, which is why I asked you if the ones with me can do anything else to me beside their lying voices and mess with my head. I'm expecting you to dismiss the part where people react to me weird, especially girls, but I am not lying - they do those things. You, like most of the rest of the world, are normal, so I understand you can't see it from my side. I guarantee you I am not seeing things or perceiving wrongly. This was a long reply. Thanks Adam, for taking the time to read this.


Wow. I am in complete and utter shock. I forgot to look at your name this time that I clicked on here to answer this part of your question. I just started reading it to the end. As I read, I thought that I was talking to someone who I've talked to prior. I mean what you two are going through are almost identical. I thought to myself, "I've counseled you once before on this about a year or so ago. Did you forget talking to me and come back to me?" It was that much the same. And that much in-depth.

Dee, let me be frank with you as you deserve a direct and honest answer. You ARE possessed. Just based on what you have told me. And as seemingly already has been established you have multiple personalities. The demons hide behind the personality. There are several legal rights that you've granted to them. I've dabbled with beats myself. Did you take any defensive measures when you went to listen to these beats? Like pray? You astral traveled with a negative mindset to start with, that right there was like a dark beacon. You tried to force open your 3rd eye which is a very bad thing to do. Think of it as a door locked to keep other things out, rather than you in. Once you open that eye, they have a gateway to enter into you through. Also you have given them legal rights with the unforgiveness that you hold onto and hatred for those who have what you long for. This is called "coveting".

Cutting yourself is a caused by a demon. My guess Baal. If you know your Bible, you may remember the story of Elijah. When he went up against the prophets of Baal. With the challenge about who's God/god would answer by fire. The prophets of Baal couldn't get him to respond (of course) and so they cried louder, and eventually even begin to CUT themselves. To get Baal's attention. Of course Baal was never able to answer and God sent fire down from heaven and consumed the sacrifice, the wood, the water surrounding it, everything.

Dee, the LAST thing you want to do is to try and escape reality. In my estimation you would be vulnerable in ways you would not believe on the astral plane. Your "dry spell" is likely God protecting you for, and I'm not just trying to scare you- this is truly what I sense, if you go, you might not come back. And I'm not talking about a happy escape for a while. These things are very close to completely having their way with you. And that is the VERY last thing that you want.

I need you to be willing to fight. I need you to fight like hell to get free of these things. Taking reality as it comes. Dealing with the present in the present. You need to be delivered. Do you want to get rid of all these things? I think you do. But are you willing to take care of business? Willing to set your shoulders to the load and "do what a man's gotta do"? If I was in your presence I could deal with them personally. Never tried to over the internet. But if you are willing, we will try and get the ball rolling.

I aint going to lie to you, this may take some work. All of those personalities (if they are just personalities) have got to be reintegrated. I'm sure there are generational curses in your bloodline somewhere. Those need to be broken. The doors that have been opened need to be closed. Have you ever prayed to Christ to be your Savior? Believed on who He is, what He did, repented of your sins? If you haven't, this is something that needs to be done. At least what I call carnally. There is an appointed time in your life wherein God's Spirit rests on you and convicts you of your sins. That is a broken heart. A spiritual understanding that you are lost without God and that you need Christ in your heart. This will happen spiritually but I need you to make the declaration of intent basically.

The reason they "came back" is because likely they never left. They just hid. And unless you've broken any curses, reintegrated the personalities and revoked those licenses; you've basically got a revolving door. You've got to go after the roots. Ever pulled a weed that you didn't pull out at the root, rather somewhere near the top only to see it come back up? Same thing. You've got to get the legal rights revoked.

I think you've got a desire to get this took care of. You've shown that to me thus far. I will help you as God gives me the strength, understanding and wisdom to do. I will do due diligence to find someone that can council you and work with you as well in your area. Just let me know that you want to start working and I'll see about making the arrangements.

God bless you buddy. We'll get this took care of. But I need you to fight with me, ok?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The truth is, it was me who asked the prior questions under different names, but I had to change the names twice because I wasn't in my right mind when I wrongly rated the first question I ever asked you, and I had too much ensuing guilt afterwards. I was in one of my episodes of "suggestion". But every single following reply I got from you, I rated 10 in every area to try to somehow fix what I've done. I apologize for how I rated the first reply I got from you - it was foolish and uncalled for. I'm very sorry.

Hopefully I don't have to give you my real name from that group of names. I just can't stand to disclose my name. It's a searing pain when I have to fill out forms or someone asks me my name. It's painful to see it or say it.

The popping and tapping sounds in my bedroom are coming back as I type this. I just can't commit to this. I couldn't bring myself to continue doing all the instructions I was given. I lasted for two months, but the bitterness is too much to resist sinning as an anesthetic of being here. And when you said that "I might never come back" if I use sleep paralysis to lucid dream, that probably ruined everything. I really need that. Why would the Lord keep me in a world with people who are psychologically tormenting me? I can't even do grocery shopping! I know what I see, I'm not seeing things or hallucinating.

Regarding the spirits, I wish there was a quick fix, like an exorcism or something. Because I've been completely done with the occult and I believe on Jesus as my savior. I'm sure that if I died, I'd be in Heaven.

Is there a quick fix, like an exorcism? Or does there have to be a long process, because right now doing all the things I'm supposed to be doing is such a process - it's like trying to hold a heavy weight - you can only hold it for so long before dropping it, resting, and picking it up again before dropping it again.

Again, I'm sorry for my foolishness when I rated the first answer I got from you. Looking back on my prayers, the time you took and the help you gave are one of the biggest blessings I have received from Him. I thank the Lord for the time you took to help and thank you Adam.


It's ok brother. I know who you are now. You are the only person that ever gave me all 1's. lol  
Not that I thought it was funny at the time. But it's ok now. I had a feeling something was up like that. And I did offer something of a heartfelt self-examination challenge to you regarding your salvation. I thought that was why I got the bad rating. Like I offended you with it. I certainly didn't mean to and I pined over it a long while wondering what ever happened with you.

You have to realize brother that satan is going to do everything in his power to keep you. He is going to make you want to turn back, stop, etc. And he'll give you every reason to. But it's coming from him. And he's a liar. He cannot tell the truth. So just remember it's nothing more than him pitching a fit that he's about to lose you.

I see from your message that they are really attacking your identity. The reason you feel such disgust with your name is nothing more than because of them as well. They want you to give up your identity. If you give up who you are, it makes you easier to control.

Honestly, it could be quick. It could take a while. Only reason I say it might take a while is because you've got so much going on in there. And we have to sort through it. I would really like to get you in front of me so I could confront it. Best I can do here is webcam like skype or something.

You asked why the Good Lord would keep you here in a world full of people psychologically torturing you. I'd like to answer that matter of factly. You are put here for a PURPOSE. You are put here to serve God. I bet you are anointed. And that is why the devil is so hard after you. He likes to destroy the anointing. Or keep it from operating. All the more reason to be rid of these things.

Brother, unless I miss my guess, what you are seeing is only partially real. If you are possessed, the demons have the control of your perception of reality. They can distort what you see. What you hear. What you read. To serve their purpose. They want to keep you locked up within yourself. They want to alienate you completely. They want to cut you off from support. It makes their job all the more easier. You feel like that there is no hope. That's a demon making you feel that way. They want to destroy you. Or rather they want to get you to destroy yourself. But that is going to be broken!

By the time we are through you will engage with other children of God, you will see yourself the way Jesus sees you. You will be claiming His promises left and right and it will be done as the Father wills it in accordance to your faith in Christ Jesus! :)

I really hate the word "exorcist". I always say demons get enough exercise as it is. They don't need me helping them. lol But I love the word "deliverance". That is what Jesus went around doing.

I'm very, very, very glad that you claim Christ as your Savior. That has to be first and foremost. And you are doing great with keeping trying. It's not the staying up that counts as we learn to walk, it's the getting back up that counts. It's ok to fall, everybody does it. But what you don't want to do is stay there. You've got to get back up and get back at it! :)

As for the time it takes, we need to get to all your personalities and find out why they are there. That can go as quickly as they will allow. Bring them under your authority and it can go pretty fast. I want each one of them to know that I am here to help protect him, like many of you are. We'll try and weed out any of them that would do him harm and we're going to get you guys integrated back into the whole where you belong.

If there are any soul fragments from generations past I need to speak with them and find out what happened to them and get them to break any curses that are generationally connected to you. Then we can go for the demons. Hard to tell how long that will take. Just depends on how dug in they are. But we will get them out of you. I promise. Not sure how long it will take but I'll keep working with you till we do.

As for the process, I'm going to dig down so we can get to the bottom of things.. I will assure you in advance that I'm probably going to ask you to do things you don't want to do. But just purpose yourself to work with me and know I'm not trying by any means to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable or anything of that sort. But I've got to play detective and detectives have to ask questions and hunt for clues. A quick fix is good so long as it is a permanent one. :)

Let's pray:

Father I come to you right now on behalf of my brother who's name you know. Lord you know the very count of the very hair upon his head. You know the intent behind every thought. You know what this young man's needs are Lord and You are the only one who can give him what he stands in need of. Healing of his heart. Healing for his body. Healing for his mind. Healing for his spirit. I plea the Blood of Jesus Christ over this young man. I pray that you will begin to wash over him and start the cleansing process. Father I ask of You to preside over this miracle Lord that our Savior did so many times. And compelled us to go out and do as well.

Father I lift him up to you. I lift every personality up to you. I lift any and every soul fragment up to you. Give his alts peace and rest. Let them all know that I am a representative of Your love and that there is no need to fear me. As far as the demons go Father I pray that as we get into that that you would hide me behind the cross that they might only see YOU Lord. Lord let the manifestation of Your power and Glory heap terror upon them. That they might find no rest until they return themselves from whence they came! Lord I pray that every word out of my mouth or through this keyboard be that of what You want said. Let me step out of the way so you can step in.

I love you Lord and I love this young man who finally came back Lord. I know you left the 99 to find the little lost lamb and I pray You would search the hills of his heart one more time until he is safely back.

Let us close with the Lord's Prayer, say it with me:

Our Father, which art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name!
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day, our daily bread
And forgive us our shortcomings as
We forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL
For Thine is the KINGDOM and the POWER and the GLORY, FOREVER!

In the Name of Yahusha Hamashiach; Christ's Name in His native tongue;


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