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Hey there, this is a new thing for me as ive never reached out to anyone about my experiences, but i think im ready for an answer ! I am the first person to ever live in my house, and a few years ago added an extension .. I never had any weird feelings or experiences up untill the extension was added .. for the first week it was put up i slept in a room in the brand new extension, and have never felt so uneasy and like i was being watched in my life ! I constantly felt cold and sick and like i was not alone, and could not sleep ! When my room in the main part of the house was finished i couldnt have been happier to move into it ! I never felt like that again for a good few years, up untill last year .. I fall asleep with my telly/light on a lot, and my mum and dad will turn it off during the night, but i started having weird visions ! i was fast asleep but felt like i could see them coming in and turning the light/telly off, then about 10 minutes later i would be wide awake, sweating and see a black figure running out of my room. I didnt always see the figure, sometimes i only seen my door close but i always felt scared. then one night it got serious, i was in a light sleep and seen someone come in and turn my telly off, but they stayed standing at the bottom of my bed, i opened my eyes and looked at them and asked 'who are you' but no reply, my heart began to race and i just shut my eyes, opened them again and my door was closing as if they just ran out ! Sometimes when i am in the bathroom in the extension i feel like there is someone there with me, an uneasy cold feeling, and sometimes feel like i see things moving out the corner of my eye. The reason why i am reaching out now is because my latest experience was last night. I was asleep, facing my wall with my back to my bedroom door. I have a double bed but i am small so only take up half. I remember falling asleep with my light on. I was in a deep sleep then suddenly opened my eyes, i was wide awake, the light instantly went out and it felt like someone was sitting behind me on my bed resting their hand on the back of my leg. My leg was fully out the covers and i felt a hand on my skin, i lay for about 10 seconds with my eyes wide open and i felt somewhat at ease, like it was comforting .. but then i got frightened and started sweating and panicking, i jumped round and seen my door shutting again as if the person had ran away, I quickly put the light on and looked around and there was nothing there .. I hope im not wasting your time but it feels like whatever it is, is getting closer to me ! It would be great if you could help, thanks !

Hello Caitlin,

There's a few things ..

1) the 'being watched feeling .. never alone .. could be a ghost.  A new house can be haunted just as easily as an old one.  Ghosts travel about.  They are more often attracted to living people than buildings, and if the ghost's grave is now under the house, they might haunt.  But, its more likely the ghost just came in with one of the builders?

It's very sad that the ghost was feeling cold and sick .. and shared that feeling with you.  You could have been feeling that way because ghosts feed on our energy, but they also project to us what they are feeling, in hopes of finding some peace.

I would suggest you use this Invocation to clear your home, so that you can sleep anywhere you want to.  

2) the 'watch my parents come into the room .. is because you were astral travelling.  That happens because our spirit steps out of our body, when it is sleeping, and can visit wherever we want to.  It is still attached to the body, and you have a guardian angel watching over it and you .. but its normal, the majority of people do it, consciously or not.  What can happen is that we bounce back into our bodies too fast and shock ourselves awake.  As a spirit we have a higher (faster) energy, which connects through our tummy region, and on waking up you can feel you are having an anxiety attack.  Take three deep slow breathes, in through your nose and out through your mouth, to slow your energy down again, when that happens.  

3)  The black figure could be your ghost.  Was it a solid figure, like a person, or flat like a shadow?  

Back to the Invocation.  The instructions are on the page.  Say it first for yourself, and then change it to clear your home.  Then you won't have to worry about that ghost visiting you again.

Love & Peace

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