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I was at my parents house visiting, the timeframe was around 10:00 p.m.. My dad had already went to bed and my mother was in the bathroom, I was in the living room watching tv and my mom's cat was sleeping across from me in her bed on top of the living room sofa. I was very invested in the comedy show I was watching when all of a sudden I got this very strong odor of what I only can describe as a dirty ammonia water smell, it wasn't exactly that smell but it is the only thing I could equivelate it too. It was strong enough to where I could almost taste it, and then it disappeared as fast as it had come, as I was sitting in my chair I started turning my head from side to side to see where the smell had gone or where it had come from and the I noticed my mom's cat who had been sound asleep all of a sudden raised her head straight up looking towards the ceiling and started making this sniffing movement as if she too had caught scent of whatever this smell was, she did this for about 20-30 seconds then slowly laid her back down. I immediately went over by her bed bed area and started smelling around to see if that smell was there,but it wasn't I also went throughout the rest of the house to try and find this smell but I couldn't. My mom is a notorious clean-freak and is constantly mopping the floor or disinfecting the sink or doing laundry, so I thought maybe she had been cleaning in the bathroom,but when she came out and I asked her she informed that she had not been cleaning in the bathroom and actually had not done any major cleaning throughout the house that day, besides that usually when she does clean the whole house would be affected. Now I realize this does not neccessarily mean this is a paranormal event but I do recall hearing somewhere that some certain smells have been cited in some cases of paranormal situations and I was hoping that perhaps you would have some knowledge on the subject, any information would be appreciated.

Thank You

Hello Steve and thanks for writing me.
You are correct in that smells do play an important role in our investigations in the Paranormal Field. But we do not necessarily go by different scents as the sole evidence to label something as paranormal. But the fact the cat had looked around in curiosity, then there may be something, unless the odor happen to wake the cat.
Hard to say if it was Paranormal or not just based on those two instances.

Has anything else strange ever happened that you have noticed that may lead you to believe that there may be a spirit at the house?  

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