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Ok well me and my boyfriend were in the shower and we were talking when we heard this very loud thud outside the bathroom door, followed by what sounded like walking around we where home alone, or atleast we were saposed to be. But when zack(my boyfriend) looked outside and checked he saw a large black figure at the end of the hallway , he quickly ran back into the bathroom after awhile we came out from the bathroom and looked around to see that all of the doors where locked and the alarm had not Ben triggered. Please help I am so scare I do not no what to do with myself.

Hello John and thanks for writing, I understand you have fear. But you can relax, fear will only feed your anxiety and not give you a level head.

In all my years of investigating I never had any injury from a spirit. What you need to do is get to the bottom of why you had a spirit visitor, I can only speculate that it may have been a spirit but can not say 100% as I am only going but what you are telling me and no video or such to go by.

I have a few questions,
1. Was this the first Paranormal type of activity in your home?

2. Could it have been a friend or family member just goofing around?

3. How old is the home and is there any reports of past activity?

The answers to these questions may be able to help me further help you along here.

Thanks again!

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