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Paranormal Phenomena/I think I have a demon following me? (Graphic)


QUESTION: For a long time now I have had nightmares every night. One night the nightmare began with me standing outside a building... I noticed a dog by a bush eating something, upon further inspection I realized it was eating someone's head. All of a sudden the person stood up and I saw that it was Jesus with the crown of thorns deep in his head obviously he was bloody. He began to chase me and I woke up. Since then they have gradually become more vivid. The other night I had 3 nightmares in a row and the last one ended with me laying in my boyfriends bed(where I was sleeping that night) everythig in his room was the same and there was a demon in his closet coming towards me and hovering over me trying to possess me. I woke up unable to breathe with tears in my eyes and I could feel a prescence or energy right above me! Typically when I wake up from my nightmares my back is rigid and extremely painful and my jaw is clenched tight. I usually can't breathe in my dreams. I usually sleep with the lights on one night I slept with the lights of and something woke me up and I could hear footsteps next to my bed. As of the past week I've been waking up to a scratching sound on my floor and when my cat goes to inspect it he gets weird and won't go near it. Sometimes I hear footsteps in the corner of my room and my cat just stares and nothing is there. Please help I am scared!! Thank you

ANSWER: Oh honey! Bless your heart! I am so sorry! :( I can relate to some of what you are saying. I myself have experienced the whole black mass floating above the bed. I was dreaming that I was in a hotel room at the time and I think I remember rolling out of the bed, scrambling for the lights only to wake up in real life to this thing hovering over me trying to descend onto the top of me. I'm a grown man of almost 40 and the thing absolutely scared the stuffing out of me at that moment. It was odd as it was completely dark in my room, yet the figure was darker. I was completely disoriented but I didn't give it the chance to make it down. I did a parachute roll (like they do in the military when the paratroopers land) out of bed, fell flat on the floor (waterbeds are not easy to roll out of lol) and scrambled. I finally got my bearings and turned on the light and just stared. I mean I stood there at my bathroom door that's off my room and did nothing but stare (defensively) for 15 min or so before I could relax.

So don't think for a moment that you are alone. Not for a moment.

Tell me, what is your spiritual life like? Do you have Christ in your heart? I can tell you that sometimes Jesus will chase us, but only figuratively. And not like something in a zombie movie. Rather His Spirit tugs at our heartstrings that draw us toward His love. His Spirit even convicts us in our heart of our sins when it comes our appointed time to repent and believe on Him and ask Him into our heart. But nothing like what you saw. That was that thing creating images in your head. The dog is probably the demon. It was probably trying to pervert the image of Christ. Or mocking Him. Mockery of everything Holy is the devil's m/o.

Have you or your family ever dabbled in the dark side? Or even your bf for that matter? It came out of his closet. Do you have an aversion to any sacred objects? That would be pictures or plaques of the Ten Commandments, crosses, anointing oil, holy water, the Bible, anything like that?

Has all of the dreams happened at your bf's house? We really need to determine whether or not it is location specific and therefore attached to the house, or if it is not attached to a singular location and is targeting you personally.

When you reply back, there should be an option on your side to mark the question private. Please do so from this point on as any personal information you share with me remains private and not viewable by the general public.

Hope to hear back from you soon. Just click the followup button to reply.

God bless. And know that I will help you as long as you need. You are not alone. :)

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QUESTION: Sorry it took so long to answer back! When I was a kid I did one spell ONCE with my friend and used a ouija board but that's it. I do believe in god I have always attended church since I was born. I was considering going to see y priest but I was nervous and embarrassed. When I first had that dream about the dog, I thought exactly what you said but it seemed so crazy to me! So far no aversions to holy relics I have been trying to pray every night to protect me. Last night before I had the chance to pray I was laying in bed and my boyfriend was over so I shut off the lights. 5 minutes later, the commercial for the posession movie came on on my TV and all of a sudden my cable went out and the screen became all distorted , when the part where she says the demon name happened the TV was perfectly fine (when she says abalam) then it went out again until the commercial was over. This has NEVER happened to my tv before. I turned the lights on and prayed immediately but my boyfriend had a fitful sleep and was crying in his sleep all night. I have the dreams everywhere that I sleep   Thank you so much for responding. :)

Hi Sarah,

It's quite ok. I was just afraid I might have offended you in some way. I'm glad to see I didn't. My aim is always to help. But some get offended at my strict faith in Christ and I cannot separate the paranormal from my Christian faith, nor the desire to share it as I know through Christ these things are defeated where they stand. I think it's the whole "Christ is the only way" that offends people at times. But I can't change what I know to be true even for the sake of feelings. Too much hangs in the balance. I guess you could say this is kind of a ministry for me.

So, if you haven't had an adverse reaction to holy items, that's a good sign. But I don't put all my eggs in one basket if you know what I mean. I know very well they can hide. Now, as for your history you just shared, believe it or not, it's like crack. It only takes one time. That is not saying that you HAVE something, just saying that it is possible. Ouija boards are a gateway. Think of a portal to hell that demons know is one. They are aware of it on their side. Liken it to a locked gate. They all know that it's going to open eventually through. When you do the thing what happens is you get a whole bunch of these things piling over top of one another trying to get through before it closes. You may only talk to one entity but I guarantee you it is a demon and for every one not talking there are tons more coming through silently. Unless you properly seal the board, causing them to be sucked back through where they came like a vacuum, the gate stays open.

The spell is setting up a legal rite for one to take over. Both are really. It creates a back door in your psyche so to speak.

Now, are you Catholic by chance? I noticed you called your minister a priest. That's why I ask. If you are I really need to speak with you about the indwellment of the Holy Spirit. This is something that the CC doesn't recognize, but it's something that is in the Book, it's been proven by myself and I've known probably thousands more that have a similar experience.

I HATE those movies. I absolutely HATE them. They have gone into a entirely different realm than horror movies of the past. Freddy, Jason, Michael Mayers....that was different. But whoever is making these movies are dedicating them or something. They are inviting a demon to curse it. I've known people who were possessed to become symptomatic at watching the first movie that started this entire series of movies...paranormal activity. These are too close to real life stuff. These movies take large chunks of reality and interlace it with a little fiction and then dedicate it. I know it's dedicated. I stay away from those movies and after I watch one when I do, I feel a draw down in my spirit. It actually changes my state of being to the point I can feel the drop.

It sounds more like it is house based right now, but I believe it is gunning for both of you. I think I want to set up a one on one if that is ok with you. I'm suggesting to go out of the system and do a webcam consultation of sorts. I realize most comps have them now, or most people have web cams. That way I could talk to both of you at the same time if necessary, I can get real time answers, etc. That is so long as you would be agreeable to that of course. If not we can continue on here.

I'd like you to do a couple of things in the mean time. First, see if you can get a couple crosses. Put one up over that closet door where you said the thing came out. Get a copy of the Ten Commandments. Learn them. Commit them to memory. When something scares you, you start reciting them. That will usually drive it away. Maybe keep a cross with you, keep a Bible nearby if you have got a Bible. You want to create as hostile of an environment for it as you can.

I'll do my best to see you guys through this. I'm here for you.

If a web session is ok with you and your boyfriend (I do want to make sure it is ok with him even if he doesn't want to participate because I don't want him thinking I have ill intent.) if you can be sure to mark the message status as private, I'll send you my email or a number. I think this will be a slower process if we continue on here as this may be a more indepth problem.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to help.

God bless!


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