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Hi Adam. I first wrote to you regarding unexplained wax drippings that were showing up on opposite walls in my living room.  You had asked that I keep you updated.  
There have been no reoccurring events until now. This morning I went into our walk in attic as I do at least once a week. I store seasonal and unused items in it. My eyes immediately went to something on the side of the hot water heater. Upon closer inspection it appears to be more wax. The unit is cool to the touch (as always). It is electric but I NEVER put anything close to it to be safe.
It is off white in color as were the two other events. There is a large thick section so we scraped off a piece for testing. I put it in foil and it melted on the stove and turned clear just like candle wax. I'm thinking of getting someone from a local research group to check out things.
PS I noticed that my first post to you was also in Feb. of 2011. Please let me know if you have heard of anyone else with this problem.

Hi Mary,

Thank you for the update. I had plumb forgot about this. Still quite baffling. I must say that you are the only one since to have this problem. Only thing that even ever came close was the unexplained popping up of bbs from like a bb gun. No logical explanations and no real paranormal explanation either. As yours seems to be the only report to go on.

GMTA because you are doing the very thing that I would have suggested, that being taking a sample of it and having it tested. This may be something that is preternatural. That basically means that it's not likely to be linked to spiritual activity, rather it's something physical; the difference between it and "normal" is that preternatural is a happening that defies known answers and logical physical reasoning.

If you look for a group to come in, find out if they also handle preternatural as well as paranormal. Your message has resparked my curiosity on the subject. I'll be interested to hear the lab results on it. For some reason though I have a feeling it's going to come back "regular wax". Least if it had anything to do with MY luck. lol

Keep me posted!!! :)

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