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About three or four years ago I was laying in my room on the verge of sleep, when I suddenly jolted fully awake. I looked up and a dark shadow was standing in the corner behind my tv. I could just make out a finger over his lips, and he was whispering. I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying, just the i's and the s's. It was terrifying. I couldn't move, all I could do was stare at him. I kept getting really sleepy again, but I felt that if I went to sleep or looked away, her would get closer to me. So I just sat there and watched him. Finally it started to get daylight and when I blinked, he vanished. I was finally able to move, and I bolted out of bed and into my moms room. I was crying at this point, and I just laid in bed with her, scared out of my mind. I passed out after about an hour. And slept for only three. I didn't sleep for another two days after that. I was scared he would come back.

My question is, could you tell me what he could have been? A shadow person or a demon maybe? It's been bugging me. I need to know.

could have been any number of things. Some entities can take what ever shape they choose. Could have been a shadow person, it does not sound like a demon to me at this point. If it happens again say psalm 91 out loud from the king james bible, and mix some white vinegar and sea salt in a bowl and let it evaporate in the room.

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