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I dont know where else to search for answers because the internet gives me alot of information that I do not believe. I am not a religious person. However i am baffled by this 11:11 phenomena. I always see that number at random occasions meaning if by coincidence I look at tv or decide to do something. It happens 11:11 and sometimes 1:11, 2:11, 3:11 always within the elevens but the majority is 11:11. I am struggling to understand the logic because it cant be coincidence.

Can anyone please give me an insight on this or some sort of information for me to understand this

Ravil, I am a scientist. As such, I can tell you belief rarely reflects reality. It is a subjective condition. Having said that, I can tell you there are hundreds of potrential explanations for your con dition, since it is a subjective experience. Your sub conscious may be fixated on the number 11. You may also have some level of psychic ability, which is just enhanced intuition. If you want to know, you will have to set up some experiments with a parapsychologist to try to get to the answer. To sit and speculate what the cause is, is just that; speculation.
I would contact a parapsychologist online and present your question to them. Ask if they could recomend a series of experiments for you to help determine the cause of your phenomenon. And good luck with your quest.

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