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My brother did not respond three days before his passing. The day he died he opened his eyes in either surprise or fear. I said,"If you see the light go towards it. He then closed his eyes and passed. Do you think he saw the light?
Thank you.

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your question. So sorry for your family in the loss of your brother. My heart goes out to you guys.

You know, in Truth I believe that Jesus is that light. And it is for those who believe upon Him. But I also remember reading that God will have mercy upon whom He will have mercy. I'm merely a clay vessel on the Potter's wheel. I can't question the Potter. But I will say this; based on my experience and the anecdotal evidences presented regarding time of death; it is not unusual in the slightest to have that epiphany if you would at the last few moments. A few moments, maybe an hour, etc wherein a completely despondent person suddenly comes back to us like they aren't sick at all. Full of energy and life, for a few moments anyway; to make their peace and say goodbye to loved ones. And also so that they can be a witness of the love, peace and majesty that they are about to come into. And I've heard of people who have had painful experiences for the truly unrepentant as they began to cross the veil. It by no means seems as if your brother had one of those experiences. And I know that there is a good amount of awe present in those who see God's glory manifest and or see the angels or loved ones to welcome them home to glory. It sounds 100% like your brother DID see the Light and or some manifestation of God's welcoming presence to aid in the transition from body to spirit.

Be at peace. :) He's in good hands. God is an awesome God and He handles His creation with love. If there is ever anything I can do for you, or pray with you or anything like that, please let me know. I'll do my very best. Again, I'm sorry for your loss but his was gain. :)

God bless you Nancy. May His peace be upon you and your family.

In Christ,  

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To be intellectually honest, there are no experts in this field of study. You cannot have an expert in such a subjective field as this. There is no litmus test to prove ones knowledge. With that being said, I can draw off my experience and study to answer questions that pertain to demonology, poltergeist activity, telekinesis, residual haunting, intelligent haunting, etc. Any answers that I do not know, which, none of us know ALL the answers, I will be glad to use my resources to find you the answer you are looking for.


My experience with the paranormal dates back to my childhood. The homes where my grandparents and great grandparents lived underwent much paranormal phenomena. Fear eventually gave way to curiosity and eventually study. In 2008 after having first hand encounters at my home, I decided to begin my own investigations group. We later merged with G.R.A.S.P. which is now being compared to that of T.A.P.S. or The Atlantic Paranormal Society. I have since founded a Christian based ministry dedicated to helping those who are experiencing negative phenomena.

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