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QUESTION: I want to contact someone very close to me that died about 3 years ago but he died in a violent way. What can I do to be ableto contact him without demons or spirits attaching to me?

ANSWER: Hi Ashley,

I'm sorry for your loss. :( This world is irreconcilably evil right now.

I have to give you my honest opinion based on the facts as I know them to be. I'm very honest in my advise and though sometimes the fear of a negative rating sometimes holds me back from what my knowledge and my heart tells me to, I try my best to give it to your straight. I feel I owe you a honest answer, even if it may be one that you might not be particularly receptive to. :)

By prefacing my answer with the above, I'm sure you've figured out by now I'm leaning toward an answer you probably aren't going to like. But I pray that if you do take offense to it that you don't blast me.

In ALL HONESTY, I have got to say that there IS NO way to contact him without demonic attachment. Here's the other part of the answer that goes hand in hand with it. The LIKELIHOOD of actually contacting HIM and not a mimicker or something of that nature is really slim to none. Here is "insider information" if you will.

Each of us has 2 "shadows" assigned to us. These are low level demons (virtually harmless as they are never to reveal their presence) that are with us from cradle to grave. These are the tempters. They sit there and whisper to you to do something you know you ought not do. (Ever had thoughts pop into your head that were just completely opposite your moral code and you wonder where it came from?) These are facilitators of gateways for more powerful demonic forces to enter through. Think of them as the "gate keeper" and the "key master" of the portals between the physical realms and the the spiritual realms.

When you do something that creates a "legal right" they open the door and let the demon over that sin or what have you, through. One of those is consulting with the dead. :(

The reason that I say that the odds are slim and none is because your friend is asleep sweetheart. Or he's in the arms of the Savior if he knew Him.

But those 2 shadows he had who learned all about him while they were with him, if you try to contact him are going to portray themselves as him through whatever medium you might seek. And demons are tricky. When I say "legal right" that don't care if it is legitimate right or a right gained through trickery. But it means there is a perceived right. They feel if you come to them and or seek them out (intent being to contact your friend), that you invited them. And they will pretend to be your friend to meet your emotional need for communication with him/her and then they will attach or possess out of a perception that they were legally invited, by you seeking to communicate with them, that they have a right to interfere in your life.

Let me give you another secret you might say. Let's say you go to a psychic to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you. And the psychic says that your bf is with Suzy at "x" movie at "y" place. Or whatever. And so you go there and low and behold what the psychic said was correct! How did that happen? Same thing. When the psychic inquires (mentally) or the familiar spirit overhears you really, see, all it has to do is inquire with the Joe's shadows. Or Suzy's.

You ask the question. The question is reiterated by the psychic to his/her "adviser". The adviser then contacts the the familiar spirits with the target party and inquires of their activities. They "adviser" relays the information back to the psychic telepathically who relays to you the answer to the question you just asked.

After a person dies, these 2 shadows spend all their time trying to attach to others through people who desire to communicate with the deceased. As they are with them from cradle to grave they know all their little tale tale movements, quirks, etc that may distinguish the deceased from others or might ring true to a inquisitor. This creates s sense of awe and wonderment and often a desire for more communication and thus a deeper and deeper relationship to the now affected victim. Remember that for that time, they were responsible for tempting the deceased. Now they are bored. They are no longer bound to that individual by association or by duty. Being bored they seek to have fun with people. Their "fun" is attaching or possessing someone new if they can. And that is often times exactly how they find a new host.

I don't speak with an absence of compassion. You miss that person who was so dear. I have a deep compassion toward those that are hurting. And I know that my answer is not what you were hoping for. But I feel a heart obligation to not only help people, but to do my best to be truthful with them and paramount protect them. If you are very desperate to contact your friend, you are a beacon hon. You have got the high beams of the lighthouse on for that need to be met and they are more than happy to try and oblige.

I hope you understand that I come to you with a open palm, a open heart and nothing less than loving intent. I can understand you are hurting. I don't want to see you inadvertently hurt greater. Answering a question of this nature often brings a sense of dread because I already know you are hurting to be asking in the first place. And there is a chance that my honest assessment of your question might add to that. But again, I feel I am bound by duty to advise you based on how my knowledge of the way things like this work. Please know I don't seek to hurt you more than you already are. :(

My answer in earnest is that there isn't a way to safely contact your friend. With that being said, if your friend was a believer on Christ, then he is there with Him I believe. And Christ is kind of like a satellite. He gathers all the intent, energy, thought,love etc. that you want your friend to get, if you go through Him, He receives it, AMPLIFIES IT and delivers it to your friend. You might not get an audible answer to your inquiry about your friend. But you Jesus will whisper a peace to your heart that goes beyond all of your understanding. And though you might not hear an audible answer or a written one, whatever you seek, it MIGHT simply present itself as a "knowing". Kind of like you wake up the next morning and you have an overwhelming feeling of "yes" or "no" or whatever it is you are inquiring about. :)

My answer may have gave birth to more questions. If so I completely understand. lol Feel free to send me followups until your heart and you mind are satisfied. I will do my best to clarify any information that might have been too vague.

God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers regarding this. :)

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QUESTION: I do not have a follow up but I wanted to thank you for your help. You did not offend me in any sort of way. I have studied a bit of demonology..not smart.. and I had a feeling that this was probably not possible but wanted to clarify so I would not get something attached. The infomation about the two shadows actually explain A LOT and honestly love to learn more. :)

I wish I could thank you in a better way but I really can't lol You really helped and I will not attempt to contact him.
Thank you again :) it means a lot

Oh thank you Ashley! That means a lot to me. I appreciate that. :)

Sometimes I find people are kind of looking for permission on something or are looking for someone to tell them it's ok (whatever they are about to do) and sometimes I can oblige, but other times I can't. :/ I TRULY care about each and ever person who comes to me. And my intent is instantaneously to be looking out for their best interests, safety and protection. Sometimes that winds up offending people of different viewpoints but as the saying goes, "To thine own self be true." But I also have to be true to God and HIS leadings. :)

I'm on the front lines now as it comes to demons and how they operate and having their mugs just a few feet from mine. lol So my intensity to warn people against some things is growing. Now that I see the first hand effects of those who have not refrained from certain activities. :)

If I can ever help you with anything else PLEASE do not hesitate! It will be my pleasure to answer or advise! Once again your kind words truly blessed my heart. :)

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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