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Paranormal Phenomena/Disturbed teen - borderline personality or more?


Hello Christine,

A dear, lifelong friend is going through hell with her teen daughter, adopted from Central America as a 5-year-old. Her poor daughter is likely experiencing her own hellish confusion as well. The girl has been diagnosed by several different psychologists/psychiatrists as a borderline personality and a low IQ. She's been cutting herself for months, conspicuously -all over her arms. No hiding, such an open cry for help.

The teen is seeing a psychiatrist currently, maybe the 3rd or 4th professional so far. Special schools for 'disturbed' kids have proven only to increase this family's issues, introducing a severely disturbed boyfriend to the picture.

My friend, the first person who introduced me to the non-traditional spiritual/paranormal world, is still a believer though now a very conservative Christian. She has shared her suspicions of long-term emotional and sexual abuse her daughter may have experienced in both her native country and with a foster family in the U.S.

As you well know, mental health issues and our social services resources are often terribly lacking.   I think my friend has explored every avenue available in our fairly progressive state. After speaking with another friend who received excellent advice from you, I'm wondering if you can sense anything beyond abnormal psychology and a painful past with my friend's daughter. I feel helpless with anything to offer as support.

Thanks so much for any ideas for my friend and her family,

Hi Tami,

This certainly sounds like a profound and difficult situation for your friend. Thank you for sharing this information on her behalf.

I am limited about what I can say since your friend or a family member is not contacting me directly. I will give you a brief opinion and suggest that perhaps your friend can contact me if interested in doing so. Then we could discuss her concerns in greater details as some info I need may becomes available. Every case is different and I don't want to make blanket statements that may be inaccurate or cause distress.

I must be honest and say that I don't believe this girl has been sexually abused. However she has experienced physical and emotional trauma from her parents and her foster parents of another variety. Sexual abuse by innuendo or pressured counseling are deceptions.

At this point, the girl is definitely suffering from personality changes, aggression, mental confusion and severe distress. Her IQ is normal but she's shutting down mentally. Self mutilation is usually a symptom of anxiety, boredom, mental stress, loneliness and sadness expressed by acting out one's self-loathing, emotional insecurities and lack of impulse control.

These characteristics are certainly within the symptom range for a Borderline Personality Disorder. It is considered a psychological condition treated like depression or mood swing disorders and medications do not play a big factor in a person's improvement.

My question would be even if you understand the symptoms and circumstances, what created the specific manner of the way in which the person decided to act out the emotional anxieties? To me the most telling red-flag behavior is the self-cutting.

Self-mutilation is against our inherent survival instincts. A normal perspective in a person would abhor the idea of participating in its own destruction and it does indicate a break-down of will against self-harm. This process often leads to more extreme methods of misdirected actions such as drug use or suicide. In the long run self-destruction is not a solitary act but one that ripples out into entire families, creating devastating emotional and mental chaos to those baffled and tormented by the acts of one person they love.

I can say that any behaviors that are not life-sustaining to oneself are indicators of spiritual problems. Dark entities foster mental, physical & emotional triggers to destroy people. They use specific vulnerabilities or a combinations of them to create disruptions in people's lives and all other relationships around that victimized person.

Do I believe this girl is suffering from something unwholesome with her? Yes, I do. To what extent she has psychological problems vs spiritual ones tied together, I can't answer to you. This is something I would discuss with your friend.

I believe there have been signs of paranormal activity around this girl for many years. I think people have seen things, felt them and have areas in their home where they are not comfortable. There is no entity presence that will keep itself completely hidden. God gives us the ability to know something isn't right.

I hope this helps to clarify things a bit so you know what to look for. Please have your friend call me through if she wants to speak with me privately.


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