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I was wondering is it possible to feel someone death? Let me explain. There was a time my mother and I were not so close , but in last 20 years we became best friends and very close. She was in a nursing home, not because she was ill, because she had cancer when I was age 6 and had one leg, as she aged she could not care for herself without help. She went decided to go to a rehabilitation home. It was 2/2/13 and we took her out of the home to go out to eat get some fresh air,just spend some time with her because only day off we had. She called me Sunday night crying saying she did not think her and my dad was going to make it to age 70, we was at a place that we asked my mom to move in with us in may and I would help care for her, she then said to me that she was going stay where she was and not to bother with moving her in with me. We talked on Monday and my mother had said she saw something a house and a man came laid next to her on her bed and was holding her hugging her, she told me that she had a message but she could not tell me message and she also said after I asked her who the man was she said she was not sure she just know it is a man . I was in a way joking said to tell that man that I am not ready for him to take you to go away , I always heard that some people see a person before death , this is why I said this and she laughed and said if it her time it is her time and we continued to talk , I called director of nursing home afterwards and was argue that maybe they gave her wrong medicines. Anyway the next day 6th I could not talk to her I was busy and then had to nap before a 9 hour night shift as security. I figured I would call her in morning when I got off . That night at 12 am I got out of my car feeling very nervous and energy or something, I walked around the parking lot thinking I do not feel right , I was pace the parking lot, I thought I hope no one is about try come on property and try steal something or break in. I decided to do my patrols. I went back to my car around 230 am - 3 am , I sat and began to watch a cop show I like on my cell,and take a break from walking. I then felt burning in my chest then sharp pain, then I felt my arm go numb and even my leg and pins and burning, I went to grab my chest thinking oh my god is this a heart attack , I am to young I think for this , no I heard people even 37 had one all kind thoughts in that small amount time went into my head , I thought call 911 and call my father , I thought this hurts but not as bad as I thought it would as I grabbed for my chest with my right hand , soon as I placed on my heart everything just stopped, as fast as it came , and slow as time seemed at that moment it went away so fast. I got out of my car thinking should I call 911 go to hospital? Should I call wake my father and husband ? I began to walk and ended up stopping and noticed I stopped on top of the handicap paring area and all kinds thoughts of my mom came into my head. I decided not to call anyone or 911 , I finished my shift and went home, after getting my son to school it was 7 am and I laid on sofa and fell asleep My father tried to call me but I was so tired and in deep sleep , he came to my home, why I left back door unlocked I am not sure, it was 8 am I felt my dad hand shake me and he said Rhonda wake up now , I looked up at him and he said I have some bad news , I was thinking maybe he needed some money for gas or something. So as I began to sit up I said what , he told me my mother passed in her sleep last night , I stood ,then fell to ground I almost threw up ,could not breath and began cry and yell no no no, and that when I  grabbed my heart, as I felt it breaking. We went to the home to see my mother and they told me she went peaceful and I said to them I know what time she died and how , I told them it
was her heart and it happen between AM-AM(this was around the time when I had that pain in my chest and body) , After we got medical examiner report she had passed they say at 3 21 am, and from cause of death was congestive heart failure. When I told my husband day she passed and my father they did not seem to believe me but on my children  life and on my own , I think I felt her death. My mother and I talked about death,both of us was scared to die because of pain more than death itself, was this a way my mother let me know it not as bad as we think and it is over fast? Is this just her way to let me know somehow she had passed away ? Why did I feel this that night/morning? I been asking myself that and try to understand just what had happened to me ?

Hello Rhonda,

Thanks for sharing this with me. I know you are very anxious about what you experienced but in your heart you know the truth just as you told it to me at the end of your e-mail.

What a blessing that despite your past rocky relationship with one another that you and your mother were extremely close during her passing. Yes, you felt her passing but she had already gone and was with you in spirit giving you a feeling of what she had felt. The pain was uncomfortable but relatively short-lived before passing from her.

She was saying goodbye and saving you a worse shock than if you had just had a regular night, gone home and gone to sleep and been told about her death in the morning. You were forewarned and visited in love from your mother before she ascended. That is a miracle no matter who believes you or who doesn't. You know there is life after death first hand and that she'll be on the Other Side helping you and visiting in spirit.

The "man" who visited her in spirit before her death was her angelic guide Thomas. He calmed her fears of leaving and accompanied her on her final exit.

Have no regrets about not seeing her before she passed. She visited you in the parking lot to have that last meeting no matter what had stopped you from getting to where she was earlier. She gave you the closure you needed.

Be happy! Your mother passed with joy.


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