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Hello, i'm curious about a current situation, and maybe a playful ghost.  We use to live in a mobile home in the country, and while there, our clock (which was brand new and only made to chime) played nursery rhymes early in the morning one ended by grinding and screeching really loud.  We took the batteries out, and put them in a couple months later around christmas time...did the same thing, but christmas carols this time.  Also i saw a little girl in this house and my mother saw a man wearing dark clothing with a wide brimmed hat next to her bed.  Later we moved down the street to an old farm house that was built in like 1888.  We have heard knocking, humming, i've seen to things, my brother has seen at least 3, we've had vivid nightmares that are hard to distinguish between reality and dreaming.  I've heard clear footsteps, after we watched a show about animals sensing ghost, my dogs started growling at the top of the stairs(where we've seen most things-also the doorway to my room) and at the end of the 2 weeks they chased something up there, then it stopped.  Things use to be frequent but now it's slowed down use to be like ever three months we'd have a series of build up events.  But i've talked about it at my friends house and his light in the hall lit up so bright that it whited out the entire was brighter than a light can burn, and it was only for a second.  Then his dog(who is always nice to me) started growling and getting really mean and staring at me...and my other friend, we were talking about it and we heard a really loud thump then music from a toy started playing..but that was prolly just a coincidence, but i'm the only one who has troubles with it outside of it just a playful ghost?

Hi Zachaery,

Thank you for writing.

You do have something around you and it's obvious that it does follow with you from time to time, but I believe it has originally something to do with your father or a father figure. It's not a ghost. Paranormal activity with intense nightmares, knocks, humming,and presentations of different apparitions in the same home are indicative of negative spirit energy. I suspect you or others have also heard door play, mumbling voices, seen dark shadows, and have been touched in some ways. Someone or some of you may also be suffering from headaches, nausea or insomnia.

Such overt behavior is not playful. It's meant to be fearful, pesky, and invasive in your lives. Dogs are especially sensitive to negative energies and will react aggressively towards it.

All of this may have started overtly about 6 years ago.

Please be careful with this spirit. It's time to seek a means to remove it from your lives. Prayer for it's removal and taking back control of your home with calm & united resolve is very important right now. Do not confront it or communicate with it out of curiosity. Mental, emotional and physical interference from this spirit can cause havoc if it's provoked. This isn't healthy for you or your family energetically either.

Your prayers aren't about religion. They're about getting help from Divine allies to cleanse and free you from spiritual invasion. Stand together on this. Don't be afraid because it gives your power away. Be vigilant and strong in your intent for it to leave your home.

Hope this is helpful.


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