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Hi Ama

I have had a feeling that there is a negative energy in my home which I have been living in for past 11 years. Something happened yesterday which I suppose confirms that. I was shopping with my mum and went to go home when I could not open the club lock steering device as the key would not work. I tried it for 2 hours and at last got it to work after some WD40 and hammer. It was weird as day before in same shopping centre I was driving and car did a 180 turn due to a slippery road but I felt I was extremely lucky and had good spirits with me as no cars were in sight and therefore it was a very lucky escape.

I was very surprised to get a call from my Aunty this morning asking If I was ok as she went to send me a text on her mobile phone yesterday afternoon and she wrote Hii Kim, when she went to delete the i to make it hi, the word GHOST appeared and she or her husband could not get the word to dissapear or turn phone off, this lasted for a few minutes. She had no idea of my issue with the steering lock and when I asked her what time it was that happened, it was exactly same time I got in car to go home.

I am asking if this could be the negative energy as we are also placing home on market shortly and packing things away and every time we do this I have noticed some negative things begin to occur. I do not want to take away any good spirits but would white sage help take this negative spirit away?

Have you heard of anything like this happening before. It was weird that both days it had something to do with steering??

Thanks for you advice, Appreciate your time


Hello Kim,

Messages on phones I have heard of both as texts and as recorded messages.  It's still unusual at the moment. But I would have to wonder more if the ghost was with your aunt, rather than you.

You definitely had good protection for your 180.  I am glad no one was hurt.  If the car came to a jarring stop, did the steering lock device get jolted, to make it stop functioning the next time you used it?  Even though your aunt got the message on the phone at the same time as you  were trying to unlock your steering wheel, they might just be a coincidence .. or it could be a ghost's way of saying 'please don't drive' .. so have you had the car checked out to see if anything is faulty, such as your steering system or brakes?  It might not be a ghost, it might be a spirit (family member) trying to keep you safe.

Planning to move house, with all the packing up and moving things around, can stir up a ghost if it is in residence in your home.  Although ghosts are lost souls, not all of them are really negative, and can find a change of ownership very unsettling, as some just really want to feel safe.  While I recommend that everyone live in a ghost free house, you could just go into your kitchen and specifically tell the ghost what is going on .. pretending that it is standing right in front of you as you do so.  If they are aware of the world they live in, they will appear once s/he realises that you are addressing them specifically, and you might get a sense of presence and know your message has been received.  It might calm the situation down, or unsettle them more.  It's better they are crossed into heaven .. to that end ..    the instructions are on the page, to change the Invocation to 'house clearing'.  

White sage is not good for getting rid of ghosts.  It is very good for clearing negative energy, but the ghosts aren't dissolved, or sent into a healing place, by the sage.  When we clear the energy ghosts merely leave the house .. until the energy returns to what it was before the clearing, and since we create the negative energy ourselves, they can slip back in again.  Good spirits (people who have gone through healing) are not bothered by sage or house clearing, they also don't hang around for long periods .. just drop in once in a while, make their presence felt, before going back to heaven again.  It's only ghosts that hang around.

The WD40 and a hammer made me smile, sounds so much like the way I deal with situations. :-)

Wishing you a good day,
Love & Peace

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