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I have a friend who has recently had a tragic loss in her family.  Her mom was into spirits, tarot, and Ouija boards.  She has had a child spirit following her around for years which is harmless and has done nothing but play tricks on her by hiding things or playing with toys.  Occasionally she will go somewhere and the spirit will follow her and play tricks at other people's houses too. (has happened at mine).  But recently since bringing in some of her mother's things since she passed she's as noticed a dark feeling in her home.  People have reported seeing a tall skinny man with blonde hair, no eyes or dark eyes, wearing a top hat and a old style suit coat.  She has spoken to it to tell it to go away and that she will not tolerate the darkness in her home.  After she did that she got a really dreadful feeling so she stopped talking to it completely until the other day when he was really bothering her and her oldest son she yelled at him and then got a sharp shooting pain behind her left eye.  now she does suffer from occasional headaches and has been fighting off being sick lately too.  she has been feeling  weakened by everything going on.  she is usually a very strong woman who can deal with anything life has to throw at her.  i am really concerned for her.  The last time I was at her house I felt uneasy in her kitchen and bedroom but everywhere else in the house i felt calm and peaceful.  do you know of a way to identify the spirit with out "pissing it off" and cleanse the house of it.  Like I said while sometimes frustrating the child spirit poses no threat and actually makes her feel good.  But this other one scares her and her 2 kids.  Moving isn't an option.  and how should she dispose of the board so that it doesn't come back?

Dear Kristina,
   How are you. I am very sorry about your friend's loss. Since i am too far it is very hard for me to tell exactly what is going on. Now there are few possibilities. (1) Her mom was into spirits, tarot, and Ouija boards. (2) How she lost her mom. (3) Things she keep as a memory. (4) what kind of magics she has performed in her life time. (5) Dark magic - the way of darkness.

   In order to stop this problems you must get rid off Ouija boards and other magic things because sometimes these things can act as a medium with or withot her. you must make sure to destroy all the energy from the board, for that you need someone who knows how spirits and energy works. Make sure the board is destroyed by all-water, fire, earth, wind. second thing is getting the house blessed by a priest. Please make sure not not have any one comes to her house to do any kind of black magic to stop these things.

 Finally, find out if anyone in her family do any kind of magics or practice. If you trust me you can send the board and other things to me by mail to PO box 1782, baldwin, NY 11510. You do not have to put From address to keep your identity secret. Once i receive it I will inform you the details. If you are sending it to me, please DO NOT send me any gift with it because it is illegal to accept gifts for the service.   

  First thing is destroying the board. Then bless the house. if the problem exists after that i will help you to place protection in the house to resist the negative energy.
         Don't forget to pray everyday
         God bless you
         mathew, S

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i will be able to answer any questions about spirits and haunted issues. i will not predict any ones future in any case. i am trained to block or release the power of supernatural entities if the entity is unwanted or harmful to anyone. i will only do the service to people who believe in God (no matter what religion but absolutely not in devil or black religion. I will not accept any money or gift. MY address 1782, Baldwin, NY 11510, USA


i have done many cases in India and was very successful. i am a absolute Roman Catholic believer. i will not use any electronic devices to practice in this field. but i am willing to consider the details collected by electronic devices.

i am trained in India for about 15 years under few great teachers. I am still practicing and learning more about changes in spirit world level seven in depth.

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