Paranormal Phenomena/help me im going to di maby


A phsycic gold me this week that I have a dangerous bound of shadow Desmond around. Me that satin dose not want to see me happy or have anything for myself that there is another woman alive and here trying to rip me apart also and that in the end death will become of me I have seen things I wake up out of a dead sleep can't move and see a black shadoow wrapped in white it comes near me unwrapping its self then I break free I have also awaken same state but can only see nasty nasty teeth. My son is two and has sat straight up outta dead sleep and look mommy the err came in and he went then he points to the mirror. In kitchen on china cabnit. Can u help me

Hello and Thank you for writing.

Demons and the related Phenomena are not in my expertise. I think this question would be better answered for one of the experts that have Demonology expertise posted.

Please check back to this web site and look up Demonology.  

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