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Ok hi my name is Rene...this is going to sound crazy. I just had my fourth baby so he wakes up a lot in the middle of the night we just moved into this condo two weeks prior to his birth on valentines day. Well my husband woke up lil before 3 am thought he heard the baby and went back to sleep. At 330 the baby wakes up he is hungry so my husband thinks nothing of it gets him starts to head to our master bathroom. Thats when we realize the shower is on full blast and the windows are fogged from the heat he looks over at me my legs are spread open my shirt is up and everything is showing. I dont sleep walk and no one was up i have one of those knobs you have to pull on to get the water on so it takes some good amount of force. My baby seems to cry a lot at first i thought it was colic but nothing is working not the meds not the formula changes he seems to focus a lot like he sees whatever may have done this last night. I am worried please help!

Rene, I am a scientist. I can only offer suggestions as to how to determine what ia going on. The first thing I would do is videotape yourselves when you sleep. Since you are up with a new baby, I would se what is going on when you sleep. Two things come to mind. Someone physically could be entering the codo with a key and doing things, in which case, the police should be called. the other thing is that the condo could have activity. Do you think you were molested? All the more reason to video tape yourselves why you sleep. I would be more concerned at this pont with the possibility of a living intruder than a dead one.

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