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My lead investigator and I encountered an odor in an area of a building we were touring for a possible investigation. He and I smelled it at the same time in the same area but described it two different ways. He felt it was an offensive odor and I thought it was a sweet type of smell. Is this something that occurs often, what does it mean, and how should we proceed during the investigation(realizing we should try to find a logical explanation for the smell in the first place). Thank you ahead of time for your interest.

Hi John,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts with your concerns and questions.

  One man's meat is another man's poison. I guess that what one finds offensive another can find not so bad. One of the reasons for the difference in opinion may be due to factors, such as whether one smokes and how much and the proximity of having the last cigarette before encountering the odor. Another reason may be due to something one ate, or whether or not one just finished a mint or candy or was chewing gum. Taste affects smell and smell affects taste. And finally, not everyone has exactly the same sense of smell as everyone else as there is no "norm". It's like eyesight, some are 20/20 and others not... senses are like that.

  Factors that may account for an odor may be gas fumes, mold and mildew, smells entering the area from a vent, window, crack in the foundation, drafts from a chimney. Dead critters such as rodents under floor boards or in walls can account for odors that seem sourceless.

  When things like that occur, things that are subjective and opinionated, it is good to stop and discuss what it was that you experienced. Better yet it is good to NOT discuss it and write down what you think you experienced and then compare notes. That way the subjective opinion is not influenced by bias or another's point of view.

  When you return to the site see if the same odor is still present. If so you can start to dismiss a paranormal viewpoint and look for something a bit more down to earth. Paranormal smells often include cigar/pipe/cigarette smoke, sulfur, cooking/baking, perfumes/colognes, animals (such as a dog, horse, etc., bearing in mind that animals can become ghosts), body odor etc. Unfortunately, most of those odors also permeate the realm of the living as well so a careful inspection and investigation of the site and its surroundings are important. As you can see it is not only the events, but the circumstances in which they are observed that is important in exploring the paranormal.  Something to bear in mind when doing an investigation is recording the directions of your site and note which way the wind is blowing at the time of the investigation. It is the small details that separate the hobbyists from the professionals in this field - or any profession come to think of it.

  I hope that this has helped answer your concerns and thank you for taking the time and the responsibility to seek advice when you were in doubt. THOSE are the earmarks of a pro! Please write if I can be of any further assistance. Good luck on your findings.

Very sincerely,

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