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I've read some of your other questions and answers on precognition and would like to learn how to live peaceably with such information once it comes in.

I have always had intuitive/mediumship abilities, but they've really opened up in recent years. The information I'm getting now tells me that 1) a major change is coming up with my current partner, although I don't yet know what it is. The relationship has been on reasonably solid ground recently. 2) a friend who is also currently with someone else (and that relationship feels very short-term) is going to be my partner. At some point. It's all coming in, as intuitive information does, in a very calm and neutral fashion a couple of dreams, words and pictures that pop into my head seemingly out of the blue, and just an inner knowing or hunch.

I've prayed and talked at length with my spirit guides about whether this is some sort of wishful thinking. It doesn't seem to be, and of course I wouldn't wish death or heartbreak for anyone. This all has to play out whenever and however it's meant to play out, and I'm determined not to try to make something happen or force a resolution just because I'm tired of waiting.

In the meantime, how do I cope with the anxiety of having foreseen such life-altering events? Under what circumstances would it be acceptable or helpful to share the information? I'm thinking not until I'm asked, and maybe not even then . . . but not sure.

Your thoughts are welcome. Thanks and blessings to you!

Hi, Chris,
The ethics of the situation can seem confusing, but perhaps it will be helpful if you consider the information in this way:
What would you do if you had received the information in some other fashion?  For example, if a friend had told you these things?

Second, what do you want to happen? This matters, because while it is extremely difficult to change things which have been perceived precognitively, it is not necessarily impossible.  They represent a strong possible future, and are not set in stone. Peoples' choices can change the outcome in some cases.  Additionally, be sure your ability isn't causing you to create a self-fulfilling situation. (In other words, your anxiety at waiting for a possible end to your current relationship might cause that end).

In terms of what you say... If you want to change the outcome, then tell your partner what you saw, and try to change it.  If you don't want to change the outcome, saying nothing and allowing things to take their course will be most likely to result in that. I definitely don't recommend telling the friend, as no one likes to feel that 'fate' is manipulating their future.  Information you receive precognitively is yours to do with as you see fit.  What is acceptable is something you must decide - there's no rule book for this.

Finally, I don't pretend to be an expert on ethics, or on emotions. You have these abilities - they can either interfere with your life and make you miserable, or you can use them to improve your life. They provide you with information, but what you choose to do with that information is always going to be entirely up to you.  The same is true of anything you see with your eyes, or hear with your ears.

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