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1)According to Christian belief(as well as several others), people either go to heaven or to hell. How comes there are still ghosts left on Earth?
2) I apologize if this question might sound stupid or insulting, but as far as I've read, on various sites of Q&A there is an awful load of people asking this very same question. I thought that you're really an expert, someone who knows more things that most people, so you can provide a definitive answer to the following question: " Are vampires real?". Thank you for answering these questions and best of luck!

Hello Brian,

I do not think your questions are stupid.  They show curiosity, which is a good thing.

1)  I am Christian.  I am also a student of Theology, which basically means that I analyse the bible, not just read it.  There is no hell in the bible, there is Sheol, which is the name of a garbage dump outside of Jerusalem back in the time of Jesus.  

The best imagery we have of hell is from the book of Revelation, but whether this is a real glimpse of a possible future, or just one man's commentary at what was going to happen to Nero when Jesus returned, we cannot be know.  There are so many questions about the writer of Revelation, who

1) we cannot prove is a man named John, nor

2) that he was 'the' disciple of Jesus in the first place.

The book is said to have written the book between 70 and 90 years after Jesus was born.  Logically, that would make the writer anywhere between 90 and 100+ years old when he wrote it, if he had been the disciple, which is highly unlikely, given the usual longevity of the people of that era, and the turbulent times he was living in (persecution of Christians etc).  

So, the writer comes into question, and so must what he wrote.  As I mentioned before, I was taught at my Theology College that Revelation was actually a commentary, in imagery based in books like Daniel, that was really complaining about Nero's treatment of the Christians during the time period, and what God was going to do to Nero and his followers when Jesus returned.  The Christians, like today, were always expecting Jesus to arrive to punish those who tormented them, and give take them off to their heavenly rewards.  But only 144,000 of them.   

That being said, let's be literal.  Let's decide to believe that heaven and hell both exist, just for the sake of this discussion.  We have to remember that God gave each of us 'free will', that is the right to choose to follow 'him', or not, but since we are more than capable of choosing our own breakfast, clothes, actions and attitudes, it must apply in all part of our lives.  Thank you God.  

According to the bible, if we acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Son of God we are going to heaven, because he died for our sins .. that's all we have to do.  So, believe in Jesus and you are free.  No contest.  

Next .. if you don't believe in Jesus, but leave a truly good, kind and loving life, you are going straight to hell, because Jesus is the key in the door to heaven.  Then you have to start wondering why we have set of rules of behaviour (10 commandments) that don't mean a thing, if we are instantly allowed into heaven just because we believe in Jesus.  God, or somebody, gave us the commandments, and yet when Moses first came down from the mountain, he had three tablets, not two .. and I would love to know what the other words were on that third tablet .. but I'm getting off topic.  So let's jump back about 400 feet. :-)

Ghosts exist, and millions of us out here now can talk to them.  I really don't think we are all be deluded.  They exist because they are frightened of what happens after we die, regardeless of what they believe in, so they chose not to go into heaven when they died.  I have 'rescued' Christian ghosts, who proclaim faith in Jesus Christ, and yet they think they are part of the group that will be judged and sent to hell, so isn't it better to hide from God, in some place where they think God will not find them.  And then there are the folk who do not believe in the Christian God, although they live the teachings .. love one another, treat everyone equally etc .. because they think they are unworthy of going to some place full of love, or simply do not want to have to deal with the type of god the Christians follow, who will punish someone the way Job was punished, 'just because'.  

Sometimes a person dies and their spirit is thrown from their body and is confused and lost by the experience.  Have you ever woken up in shock, I have.  I can understand easily how a spirit can be lost this way.  Sometimes they die in great pain and fear, or anger, or they want revenge for being murdered, or they cannot bear to leave their families, who are grieving so deeply because they died.  There are so many reasons why human beings use the free will God gave them to keep themselves out of heaven.

They do not go to hell, Brian .. but live in it, because they live in separation from God, and believe me, that is a hell far worse than any torment some demon can do to their spirit.  A spirit cannot be injured, a human being, in a human body, can be haunted, tormented, oppressed, or possessed, by demons, and they too are then 'in hell', while alive.  A person becomes a spirit when they cross into heaven, they become a ghost when they choose not to, for whatever reason.  Spirits do not feed on the energy of the living, but ghosts do .. which is why people like me 'rescue' them, and make sure that they go to that healing place where God is, waiting for them with open arms.

God does not send people to hell.  God loves us all profoundly.  He gave us Jesus.  Jesus said 'I have come to teach you a new way' .. and to 'give you a new (the greatest) commandment 'love one another the way I love you'.  Now, Jesus loved everyone equally.  He didn't distinguish a person by gender, race, nature, employment, status in society, good health or bad, mental illness, physical injury, or age etc .. he loved everyone.  What that should do is make everyone who believes in the Christian God question things like why we have the story of Job, who was not even an Israelite, as part of the Christian bible in the first place.  It teaches us that we cannot trust God, and yet Jesus trusted 'him' enough to lay down his life at God's command.

So people become ghosts because they cannot trust God.  Or they do not want to confront the things they have done in their lives that they think will lead to eternal punishment, although they are already living in it, just by not going Home (heaven).

There will always be ghosts as long as we have a God we cannot trust to love us the way Jesus said he does.  We need to take the focus off the Old Testament, and rely more on Jesus, but there's not so much drama in the NT was their is with the prophets of the old, and humanity loves to control each other through fear.  Jesus came to break the fear.  That's what we do when we rescue ghosts, we remind them, as he did, that God loves us all, and welcomes us Home.  He invented Karma after all.

Are there things on your conscience that will keep you out of heaven?  Are there things like 'unforgiveness', which is a sin, because if you do not forgive someone you are not doing what Jesus said 'love one another', 'turn the other cheek ...'.  Will they keep you out of heaven, I hope not.  You have a guardian angel who will lead you there, if you let it, when its your turn to cross over .. or you might end up finding someone like me, to help you on the Way.

Very long answer, and you have no idea how much else I deleted as I wrote this.  :-)

Questions 2:

Vampires .. are they real.  Well, some people believe they are vampires and can only live on blood.  Given the Masai .. I think its them .. in Africa, who are not vampires, but also mostly live on fresh blood taken from their cattle .. it is possible, but I would hope the people who choose this lifestyle also eat other things.  There is another type of vampire, known as psychic vampires, which are very real.  A ghost is a psychic vampire because it feeds on living energy .. and so do the most unexpected people.  You'll have met a few over the years.  You sit down to have a chat with them and you start to feel very tired, or upset, or angry, but so tired .. and when you walk away from them, because they seldom walk away first, they tell you how much better they feel for having had a chat to you .. and they can do this over the phone, and over the internet.  They literally drain you dry of your life force energy.  I recommend white light shields .. the psi vamps tend to wander off quickly if they can't get a 'feed' from a person.

Psychic vampires have an injury to their earth star chakra .. it is malfunctioning and they cannot draw energy from the earth the way we all usually do.  A few doses of spiritual healing can put that right, but being a vampire is addictive, and they might not want to stop .. the feeling of taking another person's energy is a real high.

Do sanguine (blood) or psychic vampires have super-human strength .. I have not met any who do, and I have met both in the flesh, and via the internet, over the years.  It is possible that some might (since humanity is evolving, as is everything else on this planet), but unlikely that they are eternal beings trapped outside of heaven by someone biting them on the neck and draining their body of blood.  I know there's talk of a virus being transferred by the bite .. but I am sure there are other theories as well.  The myth of the vampire began 1000's of years ago when people dug up the bodies of the newly dead, during times of plague and other illnesses, and found them to still be 'perfect' (uncorrupt), but given their primitive knowledge medicine, anything is possible.  What they generally didn't take into account was the preservative nature of the soil the body was buried in in the places where the myths started .. among other things.  It's a very interesting subject to research, but years since I did so.

The myths and stories on television, are mostly imagination.

Did I need luck in answering there questions? LOL  Thank you.  Always a pleasure.

Love & Peace
(still smiling)  

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