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Hi there all you lovely people. I've been diagnosed with psychosis depression by doctors, I've been mentally ill for over two years now, I've been on strong medication for most of that period. I've had alot of bad things happen to me over the years I'm 29 but sometimes feel 49. When I was younger I wasn't exactly a saint but I was no gang leader or anything. I have a very strong catholic faith and strongly believe that it has kept me safe. I have no criminal record, and all my limbs and senses are all working fine. I've also been blessed with the best network of family and friends I could ever ask for. I appreciate what I've got. My long fought battle with this dibilitating illness has been such a struggle and I'm not out of the woods yet. I feel more incontrol of whats going on and I feel more human which has given me hope to carry on. It's really bugging me that I don't know if what I've got is my illness or I'm harbouring a ghost or demon in me, messing with me mind and trying to destroy me. I had a chat with my old man and he said that if I was possessed my medication would be a waste of time, he thinks it wouldn't work. But he also said he wasn't educated enough to give me the correct answer. Now I'm left with me, myself and I banging on, thinking is the medication and therapy really working, am I just getting used to be sick and trying to move on the best I can or have I got the darkness with me that will never let me fully recover. Would appreciate it if you kind folk could give me your honest opinion. Thank you and god bless.

Hi Danny,

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns. I did already answer this after finding your question in the question pool where it lay for several days. Who ever you asked before placed it there. I noticed that you have not read the answer so I am assuming that you are asking again. There is either a glitch in the system or your reply notice is sitting in your junk mail. The latter is more likely as I have had people tell me that before. Let's get on to your concerns

 I am going to try to explain how your depression, the medication, the pineal gland and "mystical" experience are related. Your depression is obviously clinical and chronic as indicated by the information that you supplied. I am going to guess that is is also unipolar. Depression as you have it is more of a brain chemical, and there for physical, disorder rather than a psychosis, or personality disorder, although I will explain later how some doctors are looking at a link.

 You do not mention the medications that you are taking, but, and again I have to assume, that some of them are SSRIs [Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors]. Briefly these drugs help serotonin stay in the cell a bit longer. Serotonin is manufactured from the amino acid tryptophan and is an important neurotransmitter. Only about 5% of the serotonin in your system is in the actual brain. This is where the pineal gland comes in. Serotonin can produce the hormone melatonin in the pineal gland. There is research going on linking melatonin as a catalyst to psychic abilities in certain individuals as well as "mystical experiences". The pineal gland is a stand alone gland nestled between the two hemispheres of the brain, and is unique in that it is a single unit unlike the rest of the brain that is twinned. The pineal gland is also associated with what is known as the third eye as well as the anja chakra. You can see here how serotonin, melatonin, the pineal gland and parapsychological phenomena are linked. As depression is in part caused by serotonin levels you can see that we can factor that into the equation too.

 I have done research on dissociative and personality disorders in my studies as certain paranormal phenomena may be related to this disease. There are some in the medical field who are relating clinical depression as a type of personality disorder. Let me explain. They feel that there is a "normal" personality that is non-depressed and an alter that is depressed. Now realize that this alter differs vastly from a person who suffers from multiple personality disorder. The alter [if that label can even be applied ]of a depressed person is the same person... just in a different state of mind, caused mostly by the serotonon, neurotransmitter / chemical imbalance. The reason that I mention this will be explained in the next paragraph...

 I am going to refer to the DDIS [Dissociative Disorder Interview Schedule], a questionnaire used by health professionals to determine types of disorders. I am going to paraphrase the questions and shorten them.
Question 102. Have you ever had any kind of supernatural experience... Question 103. Have you ever had any ESP [psi] experiences... Question 104. HAVE YOU EVER FELT THAT YOU WERE POSSESSED BY A [A] DEMON, [b]dead person, [c] living person, [D] SOME OTHER POWER OR FOCUS...? Questions 105 - 107 also relate to paranormal experiences.  What I am showing you is that the feeling of being possessed, in answer to your question, and most likely in your situation, is a symptom. That is important - a symptom. The reasons that questions like the above are asked is because they are common to certain types of disorders. Remember that this interview schedule is a scientific, medical questionnaire used in medical and psychiatric diagnosis.

 It is out of my area of expertise to state what may be causing the symptom, but I am certain that your chemical imbalance and the medications are major players. I could give you a ton of mystical mumble jumble about your concerns, but that would only be ignorant. It is also imperative that you realize that I am not a medical doctor or psychiatrist and therefore not qualified to give you any more than an educated opinion - my opinion, regarding your situation. Your doctors orders and advice supersedes anything that I have to say.

 Danny, it is refreshing that you are so open and excepting of your illness and I for one say, "Bravo!" for taking the reigns and handling it so well, oh and give your "old man" a hug for caring and being right. I sincerely wish you all of the best! If you require any more assistance you know how to reach me - I'm here to help.

Take care,  

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