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Paranormal Phenomena/room filled with smoke at night


Hello my name is james mcfarland I'm 28yrs old I'm not really even sure what I believe about this whole paranormal subject but I've run out of places to turn and just wanted to know what can I or should I do about all these freak occurances at my apartment. Stuff falls of counters doors open it doent scare me but every girlfriend I have stay with me whatever it is always messes with them pretty bad and a few nights ago I woke up cuz I couldn't breathe n the whole bedroom wuz filld with smoke I thought there wuz a fire but I checked the whole house and it wus clear of smoke and nothing wuz on fire none of the breakers blew or anything. I checked the time n it wuz a lil after 430am. I would just like some clarity to my dilema...thankyou very much for your time. Jimmy

I would recommend that you have the apartment investigated and inspected. The things you have described can be the product of natural occrences as well as paranormal ones. The only way to know for sure is to have a team of investigators check it out. There are many good groups in NJ, depending on your location. In the North there is New Jersey paranormal Research Group....and in Central NJ there are Garden State Ghost Hunters. Both are excellent groups. You can certainly drop my name as the person who recommended them to you.

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