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This question is not coming from my own life but from two people sharing the same experience. These two people don't know its other.   Sometimes,when they wake up, they can't move or speak and then a big skull appears over their head and it comes over them. At this point they are not dreaming.

What is it? Why they see the same things without even knowing each other?

Thank you for your time!

Hello Corina,

The waking up and not being able to move or speak is called sleep paralysis, and, for the most part, happens because their minds wake up before their bodies do.  It takes a moment (which can seem to last forever) for the two to reconnect, and then everything goes back to normal.

What can also happen, with sleep paralysis, is that your friends were astral travelling and returned to their body just as their minds woke up, and needed a 'moment' for the body-connection to reassert itself.  In that state they can see hynogogic images .. because they are still connected to higher, or more sensitive, energies, and there's weird stuff around us a lot of the time.  They can also be 'friends' in the astral planes, while having no connection here on earth.

I would have your friends 'draw' a picture of the skull .. to see if they are the same skull.  I would ask them what else they thought they could 'see' or 'feel' as they woke up to it?  Can they hear anything unusual?  They don't know each other, but do they like the same movies?  That can put the same sorts of images into their minds, for their dreaming self to draw on as they wake up.  Are they in the same town?  The location could be haunted?  Do they share the same issues, fears and beliefs?  That can draw the same sort of entity to each of them.  There could be a million explanations, mostly metaphysical .. start with what I suggested.

Love & Peace

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