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QUESTION: My husband called from work pretty freaked out. He said he could smell death. I said that it was the stranget thing I'd ever heard and asked if he'd checked around for a dead mouse or something like that. He told me not to make jokes and that he was very serious, and frightened.

He came home for lunch, allowed me to smell him and ask some questions. I smelled nothing amiss. I researched in the 5 minutes I had. He felt, (truly felt), the smell had to do with him.  Whereas everything I read was related to noticing the smell around others who were ill or did in fact die shortly thereafter.

I smudged him before he went back to work. (cant believe he let me do it) and gave him a miniature stature of St. Francis, (his patron saint to keep with him.)Told him these things usually occur when someone around them is sick or dying, but I dont believe I allayed his fears in any way.

Can you suggest where I might look for more info or what I might do to protect him, or any of our loved ones, if indeed he's recieving a presentient sign? please know, if there is a guy on earth who really doesn't believe this stuff, it's him. But he's scared and I can see it.

Thanks for your time. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


ANSWER: Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for sharing this with me. Bless his heart. It is very bad to be so frightened.

From a physical standpoint, I might point to an olfactory condition developing. This is where the brain creates phantom smells. But it's odd that "death" would be the first one you husband would experience.

God may be trying to draw Him to His side. By shaking your husband up a bit. If he is very stubborn against belief in the Almighty, the Almighty knows how to halt that stubborn spirit. That's something though you don't really want Him to have to resort to of course. But God may have given him a glimpse into a possible future timeline through his sense of smell.

It very well could have also been an omen of an upcoming death or sickness in the family, or, based on location of the incident, may his place of business. Can we rule out any chemicals around him at his work place that could have been mixed or anything?

I try not to be an alarmist but I am a watchman. We are nearing war. Very soon. He may be smelling the smell of a near future timeline wherein war breaks out and death is around. Again, this is just a possible suggestion as to what it MIGHT be. Truth be told, as I'm not psychic or anything like that, I can only give you my best guesses as to it's possible meaning if it is indeed a spiritual event and not an olfactory condition.

Just do your best to comfort him, encourage him. Have him be keenly observant to any future phantom smells that might present themselves. And if he doesn't know Christ as his Savior, definitely be praying for him that he might find the Holy One. :)

God bless you and please let me know if I can help further. Please ask in a followup anything that I might have said that would create a greater question in your mind. I will do the best I can to answer your question in way that is fulfilling. :)

In Christ,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply. I just wanted to follow up to say that today, the smell has gone but the feeling lingers and is still as bothersome to him. He is reticent to discuss it because I believe it frightens him, and because he doesn't want to appear crazy, (for lack of a better word).

I have been praying for him. There are things in his past that haunt him over which he carries much guilt. Although this is not usually the time of year where those things weigh heavily on him or are in his thoughts alot.  He still feels that whatever it is has to do only with him.

I wish nothing more than to alleviate his fears but can't think how I might accomplish this. And I am worried for him.  I've seen and heard of stranger things and worry that it is a clairsentient sign. Of course, it's not like I can send him to the doctor with a complaint like this. In your experience, is there anything else I might do besides pray to lift the fog this experience seems to have enveloped him in? He is a believer in God, but not a regular church-goer, or one prone to pray. He basically relies on me to deal with things that arent, shall we say, of a concrete nature.

Again, Thank you, for your time and thoughtful attention.


ANSWER: Hello Rebecca,

You are a woman of strong faith. I sense that. Your name is of course reflective of the bride set aside for Issac. :) That is also a foreshadowing of the relationship between Christ and the redeemed. :)

As I am moving farther out of the realm of paranormal and more into the area of deliverance, I seem to have been given a broader insight to things of a spiritual nature. I think at this time, what you need to do is maybe fast and pray that God answer whether or not what your husband experienced was a sign from Him, or if it's source was satanic in nature. I feel as if you are firmly rooted that it is not an olfactory disorder, which would make it a physical issue, the only other source would be that of spiritual or mental. It doesn't seem as if your husband is prone to flights of fancy, so, I believe it's source as being of a spiritual nature is the only other logical interpretation. All that's left is discerning it's meaning. That's where the fasting and praying comes in. And when I say "fasting" it doesn't have to be a hunger strike type thing or something. I'm sure if you are Catholic you know it could be any comfort or habit.

Maybe ask God what kind of fasting He would have you do. And I only suggest a fast as you are seeking a definitive answer to a specific question as to the source of this phantom smell. We are in zero hour right now I'm convinced. The Lord's return is imminent. If you don't know him to have a personal salvation experience with Christ, wherein God convicts his heart over sin and he proceeds to repent and work out the unbelief in Christ, believe on Him with all his heart and ask Him to come into his heart; that really needs to be the immediate goal. It takes God to bring the conviction of the Holy Spirit. We can't force that. But we can ask God to bring it to him for him. That's a main departure I have with the Catholic Church. They don't seem to teach salvation by grace through faith. Remember that we have full authority to go directly to the Throne of Grace. To kneel at the mercy seat. When Christ gave up the ghost, the veil that separated the people from the Holy of Hollies was rent in twain. This was something that kept the people's access to God restricted but through the priest. But the Church has re-established a shadow of that with the confessional. The priest representing God is behind the veil and you don't have direct access. I know that practicality wise it's to give the confessor privacy, but, there is an allegorical meaning behind it that most people don't realize.

Remember, we have full access to God from the time we are saved. But until that time, the only prayer He is bending an ear for is "save me Lord". Not that He doesn't hear us, but the cry of a penitent heart it music to His ears. :) Once that one on One relationship has been established, it's like having an all access pass to the Almighty. :)

Time to do a little spiritual warfare if you are up for it. Pray specifically against satan. There are forces at work that are keeping him from coming to KNOW Christ in the fulness of His grace and mercy. Those feelings of guilt and unworthiness are amplified by the dark forces in order to keep him specifically AWAY from Christ. The devils forces are constantly telling him that "you're not worthy!", "Just look what you did!", "God wouldn't ever forgive you!", "God doesn't LOVE you!".... I guarantee you that these very same thoughts run through his head when he starts to draw close to God. This is exactly the way demons operate. And by praying against satan you start to muffle those voices in the spirit realm. These things are screaming and it's drowning out God's whisper.

And remember, you are part of God's whisper. Just as David soothed Saul with his harp, you are his bride. You are the apple of his eye. You are the soft spot in his heart. :) As David's harp soothed the madness of Saul, your voice and your touch helps to sooth the feelings that rage in him. Use your tenderness and your voice as a song. And draw Him to your God with your love and your prayers.

I don't know if I've hit on anything. I truly hope I did not offend you with my disagreement of the Church. But God has shown me a great deal over the years and I'm commanded to share it where He leads, or when He leads. I just let His Spirit guide me in my words. Maybe all this was part of God's plan. To bring him to Him. Time will tell. :)

God bless you and your family. PLEASE, keep me up to date, again I'll help as much as I humanly can. Just keep sending the follow ups. :)

In Christ,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you again, I also rated and thanked you where appropriate. I take no offense and would probably be the last to do so.  My only remaining questions arise around the nature of satan and demons.  In this area I have little understanding and no experience, (and honestly not an extreme amount of belief.) I do believe that where there is light, there must also be darkness. But I have no idea how one does battle with it. I believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Angels and Saints and stay in regular communication. However, knowing who to turn to in the spiritual realm for help of this type is beyond my knowledge and experience. I probably should also tell you that my beliefs arent only limited to the beings of the Catholic tradition. Thanks again!! and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hi Rebecca! I saw that! Thank you so much! Getting some hard questions these days.

Now, let me ask YOU a question. Exactly how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? :)

How much of the matrix field around you would you like to see past? :)

I can tell you about "Mother Mary" (real identity opposed to "her" officially recognized identity within the church as the mother of Jesus), where she's referenced in scripture, etc. and why the one that the CC refers to as "Mary" isn't "Mary the mother of Jesus". It IS in the hearts of those that are of the catholic faith, the common folks if you will, but to the papacy it is a entirely different ball game. And the higher orders of it laugh at the "uninitiated".

Have you ever heard the Church refer to her as the "Queen of Heaven"? In this the dark secret lies.

I've probably went to the bottom of the rabbit hole as far as the Catholic Church goes. Exactly how many hours of in depth study that entails is an unknown factor for me at the moment as I've never tried to keep up. Thousands and thousands of hours to say the very, very least.

There is no matrix for me. I decoded it long ago. Sometimes I think it would be wonderful to reconstruct it, but, nothing I can do now. lol

But, I guess I went off on a tangent. :)

Direct answer to your question as to how satan and demons work. We find in scripture that satan is the "accuser of the brethren" during the judgment, pointing out to God every little sin the person committed. He is also called the "father of lies". So we know also he is a liar. And lastly we know from scripture that he "comes to kill, steal and destroy". That paints a good little word picture for him right there. Demons are his agents.

Satan himself is over governments, so, we don't usually deal with him on an individual basis. But he's got a whole house of folks working for him. Main goal is to and I cap this for emphasis only "KEEP YOU FROM CHRIST". At all costs. And they'll do it by hook or by crook.

If you already ARE a person who has come to know Christ as Savior, their goal is to distract you from finishing or starting the work God has set aside for you to accomplish. Which that draws you away of course and often into a life less than godly.

One does battle by praying. And believing. And binding and loosing. :) Jesus said if you are in Him, that whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

So think of it this way. What you speak in the physical, manifests in the spiritual. If I am speaking to a person possessed by a demon and I take the Bible and encircle or "wrap" an invisible line around and around it's hands while saying like "By Ephesians 4:12 I bind you with cords not easily broken." the person possessed will be unable to break free his hands. Even though you have no string, you visualize the string, you act as if the string is there and you visualize that string in the physical, it actually appears in the spirit realm. If you believe the Bible is a sword and you claim Hebrews 4:12 and you press the Bible into a demonized person and call it a sword, those demons who are possessing that person see a sword and feel that sword.

But, you can start as I said by praying against satan. And grow closer to the Lord. Talk to Him everyday. Read His Word. Remove things in your life that seem to pull you away from Him. This cuts satan's legs out from under him. Because the closer you get to God the more empowered over evil that you become. :)

All this making sense? :)

And for this you need to turn directly to Jesus. :) And don't think of Him like a little tiny baby. He is God incarnate. He is a full grown man in His physical form in heaven today. He was a baby as every child was once, but He did all of His redeeming work and display of power as a grown man. :)

Hope you had a wonderful St Patties' day! :)

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