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Paranormal Phenomena/Has a spirit attached itself to me?


When I moved to Oklahoma, I began having strange things happen. I'd walk through my room and feel what seemed to be cobwebs on my skin or something touching my hair and face. When I was almost asleep or almost awake I'd hear soft whispers. My dreams starred a strange dark figure that I could never see clearly. When we moved out of the house, more violent things started to happen. Instead of whispers I'd hear growls, and I began to develop strange brusies and scratches. The marks centered around my chest, stomach, and legs. At one point I got in the bath and between getting in and getting out I developed two long scratches up my leg. The dreams turned to nightmres, and I'd constantly see dark shapes out of the corners of my eyes. One morning I woke up to find finger marks around my upper arm, as if someone had grabbed or pulled at me tightly. The energy, predominately in my bedroom or the bathroom when I'm alone, became dark and frightening. In the last few weeks I've found the same book on the floor, a foot away from the vanity it was on and the bookend unmoved from where it had been. What I'd first considered a friendly spirit seemed to be gone; replaced with something much darker. I went to Colorado for a week in hopes that I'd get a break from the madness, but if anything the nightmares and bruises only got worse. Normally I don't bruise easily at all. Even my younger sister, who shares a room with me, sensed the change in the energy and now sleeps with a night light again. Nothing has happened to my other siblings, and I've tried my hardest to keep this from them so they won't become frightened. What will happen when I go away to college? Will it follow me? or turn on one of my siblings? How do I make it leave?

Hello RiAnn,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts with your concerns. First off I will address some of the possible scientific / parapsychological causes for the feeling of cobwebs and being touched. One cause can be due to low humidity in your home. The lower the humidity in a location the more your skin will "crawl". This can account for what you feel.

  Some causes for the general unease that you are experiencing may be due to infrasound [sound wave frequencies below our normal range of hearing ie. 19 Hz. or lower]. These sound waves are famous for creating haunt-like sensations and are more prevalent than one would think. Even the most ardent skeptic will feel haunt-like sensations if he is sensitive to infrasound.

  You may be sensitive to dry winds, also known as "witch winds" that effect the ion levels of the atmosphere creating an over load of positive ions in the air. Positive ions have a negative affect on the body. One solution is to shower before bed and to buy a small fountain and or negative ion generator. Ever notice how refreshed you feel after a thunder or rain storm? The atmosphere is alive with neg-ions. The fountain will add both humidity and neg-ions to the air in your room. Incidentally, the Rockies are notorious for creating witch winds.

  As you state that you are going to be going to college soon so I am going you assume that you are 1- currently a student and 2- a teenager. Both may be factors. As a student I am going to assume that you spend a fair deal of time in front of a computer. The glare of a computer screen , especially in the evening and at night causes the body to believe that it is still daylight. This can effect serotonin and melotonin levels and the pineal gland - leading to hallucination and more of those haunt-like sensations. Here is an excerpt from an answer that I gave another previously: "Melatonin for example is a hormone that helps regulate our sleeping patterns. Over exposure to bright light, especially in the evening can disrupt melatonin levels [lessening them - the opposite is true if one gets too little light - melatonin levels will increase]. Besides influencing other bodily functions such as menstruation cycles, melatonin also has a "psychic" connection. Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland. This endocrine gland is a stand alone gland that is a part of our brain. It is associated with the ajna chakra and is commonly referred to as the "third eye". Because of that, melatonin [and serotonin by default] have become associated with some paranormal and psychical abilities. What this is getting at is that an imbalance of hormones may have played a role in the sleepless nights and the paranormal feelings associated with them. Your age and sex is what is making me think of this as a possibility."[- Greg Pocha]

  Parapsychological factors include your age and sex as they may be the cause of what is known as poltergeist-like activity in the forms of RSPK [Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis] or SIPK [Stress Induced Psychokinesis] which may account for the book that you find out of place. Poltergeist like activity caused by RSPK usually occurs to 1- females, 2- females going through puberty [aged 13 - 19 years of age give or take a year or so]. The emotional, mental, biological and bio-electric changes of the body are the principal causes. I suppose that another way of looking at that is that some people are responsible for their own "haunting". As you go through your teen years, stress will increase until you develop coping mechanisms. Activity then subsides. Incidentally and most importantly, drugs and alcohol are NOT coping mechanisms.

  I will add here that I usually account any phenomena that happens just prior to waking or falling asleep as hallucinations caused by being in either a hypnopompic or hypnagogic state. These hallucinations include the feeling of a presence, usually "dark" and malevolent, in the proximity, seeing faces or dark bodies, auditory hallucinations such as foot falls, voices and music and tactile hallucinations such as the feeling of being touched, or in cases where one is also in a state of natural sleep paralysis, the feeling that someone or some "thing" is atop of you.

  But this does not explain your scratches. Living in Oklahoma I doubt if you have much use for mittens. You'll need them in Colorado so if you don't have any, get some. Why, well reason one is that it is cold in Colorado in the winter - however the other reason is to wear them for the next little while and see if the marks on your body are still occurring. This will help eliminate the possibility that you are unconsciously and inadvertently causing the scratches and marks. If the marks are happening in places where you can reach, that might be a cause. Reasons that you may be scratching include hormonal changes or even those nasty bed bugs which are epidemic now a-days. The mark on your arm may have been caused by you sleeping on your hand or grasping yourself. I know of a case where a mother was holding a sleeping baby where the tot was on her open hand. A friend comes to visit, sees the red mark on the baby, in the shape of an adult hand, assumed a slap was the cause and reported an abuse! If the hand mark is such that it is in both a place and the shape of your own had you fallen asleep on your own hand, or that you were holding yourself during the night then you yourself are likely the cause. Easiest way to see how active you are at night is to video tape yourself sleeping for several nights. A camcorder or your computer camera will work, but unless you have night vision on the camcorder, you'll need a soft light to record.

  Now you may be saying, "All this is interesting, but it is not my situation." Okay, let's look at this as if the activity was actually being  caused by an outside entity. Some ghosts are attracted to the energies that people going through the teen years, especially females, have with-in. Most ghosts have enough energy to merely exist and go about their daily ghostly activities, much as people do. While alive we have what is known as a basal metabolic rate, the minimum amount of energy [measured in calories, which is a unit of heat], that we require just to be and stay "alive". If we want to do more, such as going to the gym on a regular bases, more energy is needed coming in as more is going out. Ghosts are the same in that if they want to do more than bare minimum they need more energy coming in as more energy is needed. Unlike us they can't eat a Snickers bar so they take the energy from the most usable source, bio-electric energy - and RiAnn, you are at the age where you are teaming with energies! The more stress you are under, the more usable "ghost" energy is created and that is why this ghost [it is not a spirit] is causing the havoc.

  Ghosts like these are usually not associated with a specific location. That means that your home is not haunted by someone attached to it. This ghost was likely wandering, felt your energy and followed you. This ghost may actually be "feeding" off of several others in different locations. These ghosts are basically human parasites. If this is the case, then to be honest, Yes - this ghost could follow you. Yes, though less likely, it might "feed" off of your siblings. One solution is to stop feeding this stray cat. Restrict the food, restrict the activity.

  Another solution is to get your astral guardians and door-keepers [spirit bouncers/bodyguards] actively watching over you. You will also want to call on the archangel Michael to protect you. Wearing a talisman or amulet for protection is also beneficial. I wear pentacles and use the pentagram for protection from evil, negative and malicious beings and energies. You may also wish to sprinkle sea salt around your bed. Another purifying technique using salt is to add some to a cup of vinegar and allow it to evaporate in your room. It is much more pleasant than smudging, although the latter is by far more efficient. If you wish I can give you further instructions on how to protect yourself and cleanse your property of this being. However, I do not make that information public so you will have to write contact me at the Eidolon Project Canada where I will give you the password to the page on our web site with the information. The address to the contact form should you wish the information is:

  or you can reach me at:   <>

  To help you sleep I suggest that you download the brown noise sample and burn it to a cd or flash drive and play continuously, on loop, during the night. This should help get rid of the bad dreams as the mind will be "occupied" Read the warning before use and discontinue if you feel at all uncomfortable. Adjust your treble and base so it sounds like rain fall. The download is here:

  I realize that I have composed more of a paper than an answer to your concerns. RiAnn, your's is a common problem and is not without solution. I would like to be able to help you further with this and to that means I hope to hear back from you. Right now the best thing to do is to relax as much as possible and to follow the advice that I offered in seeing if there are logical reasons for the events. Take care,

Ciao for now,

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