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I hope this does not sound too strange. I have been experiencing a problem which i have not been able to find any clarity on. I recently read a post on your website ( which described the same being that i have been having a problem with.
I have been visited in dreams by a female (who does not look exactly human)- she has grey hair, grey skin and grey dress. Her eyes are pitch black all over with a white pinpoint in the middle. She has 3 "ridges" on each cheek (almost like the skin is bulging). and long fingernails or some sort of long things on her fingers.
There is also sometimes a young boy who accompanies her.
In the first dream i had she was pretending to be someone living, although i knew she was dead. It was very important not to let her know that I knew she was dead or pretending. She later turned into a black cat in my dream.
The next dream was more to do with the young boy, but i saw her in this dream as well in a family photograph on the wall.
Here I would like to say that i was left a full length mirror by a friend which has always left me feeling uneasy and though I do not like to keep it in my room, my boyfriend insisted. I turn the mirror around so i do not have to look at it. Each time i have had a dream the mirror was accidentally turned to face the room.
I cleaned my house and moved the mirror without thinking about it yesterday and forgot to turn it around again. Last night i dreamt of the "woman" and the boy (each dream has been very vivid) and they were showing me a collection of torture videos and made me watch one of them. It was extremely disturbing (i dont watch horror movies or read any horror books)and when i woke it was ice cold in my room, that was when i saw that the mirror was facing my bed.
Once again, I know it is important that i not let on that i know anything about the mirror.
I have always had weird encounters with the supernatural and have tried my best to move on and ignore it, as that is the only way to distance myself from it. I still do retain the ability to feel if anything is awry or evil though, needless to say that this being terrifies me and is extremely evil and powerful. Do you think that this could be related to the mirror or maybe something else? If so how do i deal with it? I am scared to just dump the mirror in case someone else picks it up and i dont want to break it either as i dont know what that would do. This sounds extremely paranoid and crazy, so your honest opinion would be appreciated! Thank you

I don't think you're paranoid or crazy. It sounds like something is up. Nightmares can be a way to get us to pay attention to something we have to look at. Or, in some cases, I suppose they could involve the supernatural.

You asked for my honest opinion. Well, to be honest I don't feel experienced enough in this particular area to get into the details too closely. And maybe that's a good thing. Maybe the solution is to just keep it simple.

Remember that God is more powerful than any evil power, if by chance that's what is involved. So I suggest you don't reinforce whatever you believe might bring these dreams on. Lean on God, not on the strange power of darkness. It might be that evil wants us to get emotionally involved with it. My suggestion: Don't!  

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