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I'd like to say before posting my question that I'd never thought or will I do such a thing. It's just that whenever it's about rich and famous people, there are also those who say this same thing over and over again. Regardless whether it's about a high level politician, a wealthy corporation owner or a music star, they say that he or she either sold her soul to the devil, or signed some kind of paper/contract. This theme was also featured in Ghost Rider and some literature(can't remember exactly). So, is there some truth to it, or it's simply an urban legend? Thank you for answering!:)

Hello Frank,

You don't have to sell your soul to the Devil in order to be infested, oppressed, or possessed by demonic influences. And possession doesn't mean they inhabit your body. It means that they have the mental, physical and energetic keys to your mind, body and spirit while watching and manipulating you outside your flesh.

Of course, there are people who engage in making intentional occult connections to the Dark side of the spiritual realm, but they don't get benefits from it. They slowly wither, loose their willpower and either kill themselves or die by other means. Demons don't bargain. They deceive, lie and destroy period.

Often people who seek fame, fortune and power are passionate about what they do and mean to be the best they can at doing it. Somewhere along the way temptations manifest that first convince them to bend their morals or ethics a bit but then become a habitual behavior.

Slowly the passion of doing a good job that once invigorated their spirit and heart becomes second to easier methods of feeling good such as drugs, alcohol, sexual behaviors, etc. Satisfying the flesh replaces satisfying the soul because success opens financial avenues to get these things and provides a quicker high or feelings of self esteem.

Passions can either serve you and others or only serve yourself. It's a choice until the point where there is little choice because of your fame, fortune and power. This is where the demonic will lead you. You are convinced leaving a bad lifestyle is giving up or being a loser or just plain stupid no matter what. People may even like hurting others with their status and positions in the world. Addictions bind you and standard moral behavior bores you. Yet, you can't find happiness or peace. This is true demonic interference in your life.

Our job here is to resist evil and not be blinded, ignorant or deceived by it while we help other people to do the same.

It may seem that celebrities, politicians and those of inherited wealth are living the great life but their temptations are just on a bigger scale then the average person. It's all a matter of personal character not the characteristics of your situation. Free will is God's gift to us and demons capitalize on it.


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