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Paranormal Phenomena/unexplanable sighting with witnesses of seeing myself


Hi greg, my boyfriend and I share a new build apartment in liverpool, UK, before now nothing has hapened which has made me want to seek advice.
My boyfriend,Sean was coming home from a night shift early hours this morning with our two friends in a cab, my friend sarah points out to sean that I was at the window waving however I wasn't home. Sean immediatly looked up and seen a figure and the vertical blinds vigrously parted then closed as if dropped. Sarah & our other friend paul have both said that whatever was at the window they thoughtt was me explained same build, height and facial features. We live in a first floor apartment so obviously features may be dissorted but the blinds opened and closed
aswas seen. Going upto the apartment everything was as normal and sean searched inside incase of an intruder,I have experienced coldness & the feeling of someone close to me before and seen movement inthe apartment.
Sean howeve does not beleve or acknowlede paranormal activity.

I have before seen a ghost of a young girl around the age of 3 & another exerience with a young grl around the age of 11a few years ago.
Any advice or explanation would be highly appreciated,thanks

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Kristy,

  Thank you for contacting me at All Experts in regards to what you and your friends have witnessed. I guess the first thing that I'll address is the fact that your boyfriend doesn't believe in the paranormal. As a rule men are less likely to believe in paranormal phenomena. That in no way means that they are less likely to witness it, but will often ignore it or try to rationalize it. A lot of it has to do with right brain / left brain hemispheric specialization. As often the case, it is not the phenomena that they do not believe in but rather what may be the cause of the phenomena.

  Let's address a few possibilities of what what was seen in your window. There is a chance that what your friends witnessed was what is known as a Doppelganger. It is a little known fact that the majority of apparitions that are seen, especially the full body "How do you do" apparitions (my term for an apparition that is so real that you feel like greeting it) are of the living, not of the dead. This falls into the category of parapsychology, namely psychical phenomena. It is paranormal in that under normal conditions, a living person cannot be at two places at one time. So there is a chance that you had somehow "projected" yourself as a physically visible apparition at the moment that your friends looked at the window. However I do not feel that that is what happened. I mention it as a possible reason.

  What is more likely, due to the fact that you yourself have actually felt cold spots, the feeling of a presence and have noticed movement (I'm guessing from the corner of the eye), that there is a ghost in the apartment. The ghost may or may not be localized to the apartment itself, but is more likely to be associated with the building and may have been noticed by other tenants in different suites. Because the ghost looked like you is a coincidence. You are correct in that it was distorted. It was witnessed through glass and reflections and angle will affect what was seen to some degree. Could the blinds have moved due to a logical reason? The cause may be because of a draft caused by a furnace kicking in and blowing heat through a vent or by a change of pressure. But I don't think so as that would not stand at a window and wave.

  I guess that this adds up to confirming what you expect, you have a ghost in your building, possibly located to your unit. She seems harmless enough. Contrary to what is presented on television and the movies (scary sells) most ghosts are harmless simple folk. They just happen to be dead. Once you get over that, they are usually "acceptable".

  The question now is do you want to share your apartment with the ghost or do you want her gone? The fact is that ghosts are earthbound and are best sent into the light where they belong. Whatever the reason (or usually "excuse") that a soul decides to remain here is what causes them to become trapped. It is best for all concerned for them to move on. Your ghost I believe likes you and your friends and may be trying to be one of the group. When you strip away the veneer, that adds up to a pretty lonely ghost and a pretty sad situation.

  I will say this, your letter backs up what I have told others a million times. Ghosts are not always negative, nor do they thrive off of negative energy. Ghosts can be positive and can enjoy happy, friendly and positive people and environments. Thank you for sharing an example of that.

  If you wish to have this ghost gone, I can help you with that. Again I believe that she is part of the building as a whole and not specific to your apartment. If there is any more information or assistance that you may need now or in the future, please contact me - I'm here to help.

Take care,

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