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Hello. My 8yr old son is over the last couple months has become more verbal about seeing gray blurry figures watching him at school and at home.  He states that his two sisters and I have (5 each) by us and that his dad has (3each). He mentioned that they are our "lives" though when asked how he knows that he said he just knows that is what they are?  He stated that they do not speak to him usually except once when they called out his name at school and he ignored them because it frightened him.  He doesn't like to talk about them because he says when he does they start to show up and they don't like it. He will tell us they are there but that is as far as he will go.  For almost a year now he refuses to sleep in his room because they watch him and won't go away. He said they don't show up as often when he is in our room. Any advice as to what they are, demonic, spirits, etc?  Also have you heard of such a thing - "Lives" following us around or just is that his way of making sense of it?

Hello Cassie,

Thank you for writing.

I believe your son experiencing these unwanted gray figures has a natural gift of psychic abilities that are developing. Unfortunately, he's being approached by spirits that are not wholesome. He has been seeing them for 2 years and is now getting frightened enough to express what he's experiencing rather than just trying to avoid it and not sharing specifics with the family.

I have had many cases where children refuse or protest vehemently about sleeping in their rooms. This indicates a bad situation is developing and most probably escalating. Other signs of trouble include his hearing his name called at school. This is a characteristic of scare tactics by dark entities. He's correct that speaking to them or otherwise acknowledging them personally does ramp up their pestering activities.

As far as his being told "our lives" or something to that affect, he has heard this several times and has relayed it to you but it's been misinterpreted. It's a possessive comment not an indication of something to do with your lives manifesting as something taking corporeal form.

Entities are territorial. They claim properties, buildings and people as theirs. I have EVPs that relay this concept and say "Mine, my people, our lives, etc." They are telling your son that everyone involved has been claimed for harassment. Though one child is currently the most obvious target, he's also being used to cause chaos for the rest of you.

I will bet that some of you are also having physical manifestations of spiritual invasion in your home. There may be knocks or raps in the house or seeing movement from the corner of your eyes. There may people there with bouts of insomnia or exacerbated medical issues during the last year.

I am sure that if your mentioning demonic spirits, you have had some experiences that concern you above and beyond what your son is experiencing. Your gut knows what's happening.

This is not hopeless. You are in charge as long as you use prayer, calm resolve, and stifle your fears. If you are in need of other help beyond what I supply on this board, you may contact me by phone or personal e-mail at


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