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I am currently 28 years old and have moved out of the house I grew up in. However, since moving out I have been intrigued as to what my experiences growing up in my old house could have been. Here are some of the things I experienced: Deep breathing in my ear, towels swaying on their own, whistleing, multiple music boxes that have switches and cranks being turned on at the same time in the middle of the night, lights turning on and off, doors slamming, noises in the attic like my Grandpas old drum set being banged repeatedly, etc.

I used to have dreams where I was standing at the top of the stairs or in a room and it was like a black hole was trying to suck me downstairs or through a doorway, and I'd be holding onto the wall or furniture trying not to be sucked in. In my dream I always had the understanding that it was a ghost or something of that sort in the other room or downstairs trying to suck me in. Is it possible the spirit was actually sucking out my energy in my sleep? Growing up I was always super tired. I had tests done because I'd yawn all the time even during basketball games, but doctors never found anything. Could it be because of this?

Do you think there is a spirit trapped there? If so, is there anyway to have it move on to a better place? It makes me feel horrible that someone could be trapped there, trying to reach out, but no one is helping. Thank you,

Hi Brian,

Thanks for writing.

Your experiences in your former home are classic entity activities of a negative nature. Fearful dreams, unexplained spacial movement of physical objects, electrical or mechanical activation of equipment and electronics, and audible communications are some of the usual manifestations of paranormal activity with dark entities.

This can escalate into more personal attacks such as touching, scratching, pushing, instigation of insomnia, chronic night terrors, exacerbating current health conditions or manifesting them, and exerting mental influence on people towards addictions, compulsive behaviors, aggressive acts, etc.

Many times there are lateral attacks against others in the home meant to frustrate and cause fear with a primary victim or to cause chaos for the dissolution of the family unit. Divide and conquer is the purpose.

This is not a trapped ghost. You were dealing with a pestering spirit. I believe it may be connected to your father in some way either past or present.

Please be vigilant in your new home. Look for signs that your environment is safe. Especially be on the look out for unexplained headaches or stomach aches. I think your tiredness stems from being sensitive to draining energies around you or empathic abilities. Yawning is also a sign of mental attack towards gaining control of your head. I have experienced that out of the blue on demonic cases several times.

Hope this helps,

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