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Hi ama, i've read some of your advises online and you'reone of few people i believe that can help me.
First, i'm a catholic from an asian country. I'm 22 yrs. old and been researching half my life. I can call myself as a reader. I've been very interested with so many things and one of these is about the paranormal side. Whenever there's a topic i'm curious about i've always try to research to find answers.I guess i can say i do have little knowledge about it. I dunno what's with this that kept on pulling me. It felt like there's something i need to know to know myself. I believe life is a journey of finding true self. And that's where my problem starts. Sorry for dragging you into this but i've always felt a deep connection with the paranormal. I dunno if this is just a attraction or just the love for knowledge. I felt there's something i need to know that has something to with me or something i need to fulfill. Whenever i met people with problems they always tend to say i have this thing that whenever i'm around they feel safe and happy and everything i said automatically prints in their mind. I sometimes felt that need to call a person without a reason then find out they have problems and they need someone to talk to. One friend also said i seemed to have  a light that brings people to open their hearts and speak honestly. And right after talking to me they felt good and it give them hope. i don't know if these even make sense but i'm really confused. Is there anything i should do? or is this just a normal thing. Whenever i pray and ask God if this something i needed to do or is this His will. I often see signs that says yes. I don't know what to do and think. Am i just thinking too much or its just a normal thing people experienced as this is just part of communication and relationship with other people. I have other experiences but i don't know how to say it so i guess this ends here. I know i'm not a psychic or anything. But paranormal kept on pulling me that even it scares me i can't stop. Sorry for the long words and Thank you i hope you can help me.

Hello Prima,

Are you normal, yes!  You are one of many .. probably millions .. of people who feed the need to be of service to others, and that's lovely.  Just remember to also take care of yourself.  Sometimes that gets lost in the 'busy-ness' we get into, and in the end the 'servant' becomes too tired to serve anymore, and can instead turn resentful of not 'receiving' after all that 'giving'.  Our lives are supposed to be lived 'in balance (both giving and receiving).  

When asking God if you are supposed to be able to help people 'just by existing' what sort of 'yes' signs do you see?  BTW, I am one of those people too.  I say I sweep 'through' people's lives .. and right out the other side .. they often end up thanking me for it, years later, when they find me again, because I helped them change in some way that I didn't know about at the time.  I define myself as a 'catalyst' .. a chemical term that means

"1. (Chemistry) A substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process (I help speed up their life changes) and
2. One that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences:".  (the free dictionary on the internet)

When seeking our 'life path', numerology might help .. Dan Millman has a great book - "The Life you were born to Live".  You will find yourself in there (it has good instructions for how to work out your numbers (based on your date of birth), and see that you are one of a group of millions with the same sorts of focuses that relate to your birth number.  It can be very enlightening.  Otherwise you can do it on the internet.  You add your day/month/year of birth, and take the number down to one digit .. I'm a 9 ..

The 'feelings' you get are defined under the category of 'clairsentience' .. which means 'clear sensing'.  It's one of many psychic gifts.

After some of the people 'talk' to you, do you also feel totally exhausted or seem to be sharing whatever mood they arrived in, generally unhappy?  You might benefit from white light shields to protect your energy, if you do.

If you want to share the other experiences you can write to me privately at ..

Yes, you are psychic .. its an umbrella term used to sum-up all the psychic gifts.  You are clairsentient just to start with.  But everyone is psychic, to some degree or other, unless they are a psychopath or sociopath, or have some forms of mental illness.

What part of the paranormal are you interested in, since its such an enormous subject?  There are many light and beautiful paths, and some are dark and dangerous.  It's far better not to go there unless you know what you are doing.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Love & Peace

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