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Hi there, I moved into my Harlem brownstone apartment in the last week of November and have since heard sounds of things moving around "in" the East wall. The entire east wall of my apartment is old exposed brick. At first it was smaller, shorter sounds, sounds of shifting and sounds of crumbling, as if bricks are moving around and knocking over chips of brick... I thought it was rats or mice moving around. On December 10th, there was a fire next door and an elderly man was killed on the first floor. I too live on the first floor, and our neighboring brownstones are built side-by-side so that we essentially share a wall, the east wall made of brick. I am not sure if the sounds started after or before December 10th. But now, as of this week, the sounds have elevated and are now stronger, louder, and longer, as if things are being moved and shifted around and scraped against the wall, pushed against the wall, knocked against the wall... they are prolonged and it sometimes sounds as if someone thrusts something against the wall, thrusts and moves it around again, and again. Sometimes I hear rumblings that sound as if they are coming from deeper within the apartment. It has awoken me from my sleep almost every night this week... it could be some kind of an animal I guess? The space has been abandoned since the man died in December and the man's furniture and belongings which were not destroyed in the fire are still visible through the windows. Do you think that this is a poltergeist? I wonder if actually it is a ghost, and I may encounter him in different form on my side of the wall at some point? In either case, I would like to know how best to approach it. I am not afraid, I mostly am tired and annoyed that my sleep is being disturbed. I also am interested in spirit/s and would like to assist this entity to make its transition if I can. What can I do?!?!

Second issue: I was drawn into Orisa this summer, and abruptly abandoned it once I discovered that my teacher was not trustworthy. I am concerned that I let a demon into my life? I am not sure... I don't understand demonology. I don't know if I agree with it. I just want to know how to clarify my "aura" or cleanse myself and renew anything that I can since that experience... ?? Please let me know if this is too vague. Thank you

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for coming to me with this. Unless someone is moving stuff around next door or above making it sound like it is coming from your apartment (squatters maybe?) it is likely that your first problem is in direct correlation to your second problem.

I find myself as time draws to a close more with a mission of spiritual deliverance. Rather than just "paranormal". I've come to learn through experience of recent months that most instances can be linked back to affected individuals. It is VERY likely you opened the door to a demon. Please understand that I mean no disrespect or discourtesy when I say this, but there is demonic ties to that philosophy. I had to familiarize myself with it when I first heard it because I had not. But as I read up on it I see that it is even associated in some shape form or fashion to Santeria and Obedah. These are evil to the core. In fact just week before last we cast out the demon of Asmodeous from a young man who had been dabbling in this. He had took council from a priest or witchdoctor type and that witchdoctor gave him something to drink that formed a soul tie with him. This man was able to use the fella like a puppet if you will remotely. Very intense stuff.

Interestingly enough, a young man about 6'3-4" approached us outside a conference the next day and was just floating around. One lady in our group started to talk to him and it turned out that he was seeking prayer. Well, the people who were in charge of the conference was busy so me and 2 other brothers and the lady just kind of pulled him to the side (second floor courtyard area of a hotel in Nashville) and he related that he was on the back end of some "spiritual attacks" and sought some prayers.

I'm anointed to deal with demons and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I have dealt with Obedah before first hand. Anywho, myself, my friends just kind of circled him and laid hands on him. Nobody grabbed him or anything we simply put a hand on a shoulder, back or I myself put my palm against his chest. (I'm 5'7" when I tiptoe by the way.) So we start praying for him and the Holy Spirit quickens me to do so and so following It's prompts I came against Santeria. And I came against Obedah. The first he kind of buckled. The second he fell down on his knees. A couple times he tried to get up but couldn't. Not until we had finished.

It wasn't til afterwards when we were letting the hosts know of what had just occurred they indicated to us that the person we were dealing with was a very violent witch (or warlock I guess you would call him). Skilled martial artist. And said that he was on assignment and likely to hurt one of us. I had to chuckle when I thought of him weak as water. He might have wanted to throw one of us off the balcony but he couldn't even stand against the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

I say all that to testify to the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. And to let you know that if there is a demon that it will flee when came against by men and women of God coming in the name of Yahushua Hamashiach.

Demons are beings that seek a human body to inhabit. They must have a legal right to enter. But they have to have a stronghold to stay...immersing yourself in Orisa likely opened the door to you for them. It may be that they are only attached to you and not possessing you. The noises could be an effort to drain you. Drive you batty with lack of sleep and paranoia. That will effect your health and that will effect any faith you might have in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Doubt is a stronghold. Fear is a stronghold. It is likely that your teach might have tethered you with a soul tie as well. Please know that the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only thing that can cleanse our being. Inside and out. I testify to you that this is Truth. Not by what I have read alone. Not by what I have heard alone. But by everything I have read, heard and most importantly experienced. Demons revile and fear the name of Jesus Christ.
And their job or purpose is to keep you from fulfilling the job that the Heavenly Father put you here on this earth to accomplish. If they can do that by distraction (other faiths) they will. If they can do it through fear, they will. If they can do it through infirmity, they will. If they can do it by causing doubt, they will. If they can do it through whispering lies, they will.

If you DO have a ghost then the way you get him home is by telling him of the love of Jesus for him. Pray for God to send His Holy angels to escort him to that land of rest. Earnestly pray to God, through Christ, that he would be put to rest. He will oblige that prayer.

If it is demonic and attached to you however, it will not likely end. You will likely need to get some type of intervention.

I would initially start you off by having you do a curse breaking manual. There may be things attached to your ancestors that have came through the bloodline to affect you today. This breaks those. It requires some time. I would set aside about 3 hours or so a day for the next few days. The reason I say that is because it is a bit long and very indepth and digs deep. Best to do it with a friend so that you can keep yourself honest and not skip over anything. You can expect to feel some feelings of discomfort. Figittiness is another indication. Nervousness. Headache. Just note any parts of it that evoke those responses and focus on them. Repeating them. But read it aloud as if you are taking an oath in front of a court. Go through the entire thing 3 times. Depending on how fast you read or how good you are with tongue twisters, lol, you may not need that kind of time. But do this first. You can find the manual at this link.

I trust this. Also make note for me the areas in which you experience that stuff and let me know. I'll get with you on here and try to address them as they manifest. I'll be here as much as you need me and I'll be here to help see you through this.

Just keep your eyes open. :) God bless you and I'll look forward to hearing back from you.  

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