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Paranormal Phenomena/Unexplained Experience...demon? Shadow person?


I was a little kid when this happened, around age 7 or so. My sister was in highschool. Multiple family members have had odd experiences in the house I grew up in.

So, I shared a bedroom with one sister and the other sister had her own room. The sister I shared a room with was gone at a friends that night, so like I often did, I went and snuggled in with my other sister after trying to sleep comfortably in my own room. I felt like I had been watched in my room, so I took a breath, built up the courage to run to my other sisters room and snuggle in her bed with her. She was fast asleep and I still felt like I was being watched. So I opened my eyes and looked around the room, my eyes drawn to the other end of the room to the left corner. There were no lights from outside or inside creating shadows. There was a shadow that seemed to move around on its own in that corner and it was darker than the corner itself but I could see past it also, like through it. Then after a minute or so, it like floated I guess to the right and vanished. Then less than a minute later, an even darker, scarier shadow, solid black, darker than dark appeared on the ceiling. It had a clearer shape than the other shadow. This second shadow was tall, thin, lanky. There were no facial features (no eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hair) and it was naked, no clothing. I remember it crawling across the ceiling and slanted wall above me almost like a wild animal would move when it stalks prey, you know, on all fours and low like an army crawl or something. Then it reached for me, long boney fingers with sharp claws. I screamed and threw the blanket over my head then and began crying, which woke my sister, who had no idea what happened. She sensed nothing and saw nothing. The shadow was terrifying, threatening, sinister evil. It took a while to calm down and I didn't sleep until the sun rose, even with my sister singing church songs to me. She fell asleep and I have never forgotten this. I am 20 now and this happened around age 7. It was that disturbing.

Can you explain to me what it was or could have been and why it came after me please? I have also been having very disturbing nightmares more recently, within the last year I had repeated nightmares with like demonic creatures or something in them and I woke up on several occasions with scratches and red marks as if something grabbed my wrist and I also woke up a couple times gasping for air feeling like I had been choked. This is really creeping me out.

Ok before I answer the questions you presented I want to take some time to give you steps to take to prevent being attacked.

Look up ways to ground and center your energy. You can google it
Say psalm 91 from the king james bible out loud before sleeping
sleep with a bowl of white vinegar mixed with a bit of sea salt left to evaporate. Refill as needed.
Get some sage your house and burn it in your house twice a week.

As for the what and why, it seems to me like a predatory astral entity is trying to attach to you. these things roam around looking for people they can harm. If you do what I told you to do I think at this stage you will be fine, but if it gets worse email me at

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