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QUESTION: I gave my dog a bath and took a video of him tearing up the bed trying to get dry. When I looked back on the video I noticed what I thought to be a few orbs. The first on seems to come from the middle of the bed, swirl around then shoot out of view. My dog also seems to notice it. The other few kind just shoot straight through. I have had feelings in this room before but have no visual proof. Growing up I had many experiences so maybe I am sensitive? Are these orbs or a ghost or something like that?

orb causes
orb causes  
ANSWER: Hi Melanie,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena. I will do my best to answer your questions but do expect some of them to be disappointing if you are looking for paranormal phenomena in the video [].

  The majority - vast majority - of orbs have a very earthly and logical reason for their existence. It has to do with how digital cameras pick up and record images on their CMOS or CCD circuitry. The problem is so common that companies such as Sony address it in some of their user manuals. The usual causes are particles of dust, animal dander, moisture droplets, lint, pollen, insects or any other fine airborne particle[s] that floats or flies in front of the light source in such a position to reflect that light back into the lens and subsequently into the recording.

  This video was shot under conditions that any paranormal investigator would avoid like the plaque. First off, artificial lighting from the recording unit was employed. A wet dog, and if I know dogs it likely shook of the water at least twice after the bath, is present - and in hyper mode. You are probably so used to this action [of shaking off water]that you don't give it a second thought. What this action alone does is fill the immediate surroundings with moisture, some of it can be very fine. Now even if the dog had done this a fair time before the video was shot giving the moisture time to settle, the very actions of the dog is causing so much disturbance that stuff is bound to fly. If the monitor is turned so that the proper perspective is watched, the orbs do not behave any differently than stuff flying past the screen. Incidentally, if there is air movement from a source such as a fan, furnace vent, open window, or a dog causing a tornado the particles are likely to move in one direction. Those that swirl are either insects or particles caught in a draught that is swirling due to movement in the atmosphere, such as a hyper active dog. And Ozzy is not looking at the orbs. He is looking at you while a piece of airborne debris, likely kicked up during his storm, goes past the camera. The good thing about that shot is that it gives the viewer a chance to see Ozzies eyes glowing confirming the recorder's light being on [glare off of the headboard is the first clue]. What that adds up to is a lot of movement stirring up particles that in turn bounce light onto the lens, or are illuminated by the light, and appear as orbs in the video. Are they ghosts? - No. Are the orbs [paranormal in essence]? - No. I do not think that there is a respectable person in this field who would disagree with me. The whole thing could easily be replicated with very similar results.

  You also ask if you are sensitive. Just asking the question with the amount of information that you gave me makes it impossible to answer. It is akin to going to a doctor , walking through the door and asking if you are sick. More information [for the MD symptoms and for the parapsychologist experiences] are required. A parapsychologist would likely need more data as they can't very well hook you up to a machine and run scans to see what's up. That being said, it is surmised that we are all sensitive in one degree or another.

  Sorry Melanie that I couldn't be of more help and I hope that the answer wasn't too disappointing. On the bright side you have a very real living dog - unconditional love! There's nothing wrong with that! Anyway, if I can be of more help, you know where to reach me.

Take care,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again, I actually took another video. I put on a fan, shook the covers and had ozzy jump on the bed. Didn't see anything. I turned off the fan and I think I may have accidentally captured some sort of voice while something flies through the screen. It's happens at 1:02 of this video I had a few experiences when I was younger of seeing a whole apparition standing next to my bed as well as recording voices while I was recording music - stuff I couldn't explain, even my skeptic mother couldn't explain the recordings I had. The feeling of something watching you type of thing - I don't think growing up near an abandoned haunted asylum and breaking in as a teenager helped either! But maybe i am reading too much into this now.

Hi Melanie,

  By having a fan operating as a possible source of air movement, I meant in a subtle manner. Perhaps well away from the camera with just enough air movement to cause a slight draught. Is that the situation that you created or was the fan causing such a wind that anything short of an eagle would have been blown off course? A strong draught of course will cause the airborne particles to travel past the lens so quickly that nothing will have the time needed to reflect the light unless you were operating a high speed camera. In short, the exact situation that was in the first video can never be duplicated exactly. I have seen orbs that could qualify as acting paranormal in essence, and that number is buried by those that are just... well... "stuff". [If you think that I am a stickler on others orb "evidence" you should see how I scrutinize the data that I collect. Ninety percent plus is trashed.]

  Look at it this way, what is more likely, the commotion in the room was ripe for causing false positives or several ghosts decided to show up to watch your dog go hyper? When in doubt ask yourself the same two questions that I do when faced with a paranormal possibilities,
1- Is it possible? - The answer is usually yes...
2- Is it probable? - This answer varies according to what it is I am dealing with.
In this case, dealing with the question of whether or not the orbs are paranormal in essence,  question 1 is answered "Yes." and question 2 is answered "Not likely", based on the assumption that neither you nor Ozzy congered up a room full of ghosts and you were in the right place at exactly the right time to capture undeniable evidence of the existence of life after death. I have to look at the situation from a normal point of view and rule out all that is logical before taking the "this is paranormal" route. The video just does not offer that option to me.

  Unfortunately the links to the videos that you have been sending are broken. Given a proper link sent from a pc I could extract the audio and run it through my software. That would take a bit of time however. To be honest, having the raw video sent directly to me at my web site using the "contact us" form would be ideal. As for your recording voices in the past, that is very possible. Could they be paranormal... I, for obvious reasons, can't tell. If they were recorded digitally the possibility is better than if they were recorded on tape unless the tape was fresh out of the package. Tapes that have been recorded - and taped over have carry through or bleed through. That is because the tape is never completely free of the old recording despite having something recorded atop it. If that is the case then any evidence is contaminated and therefore useless. That applies whether the tape was audio reel to reel, cassette or VHS video, etc. My organization uses both digital and analog [tape]. Any tape is used only once to collect data. It is then digitized and kept should any data be present or "retired" even if the appears to be nothing on it at all. Needless to say analog is expensive because of the use once policy.

  You ask if you could be making more of this than actually meets the eye, so to speak? Possible? - Yes. Probable? - Yes.

  You may very well have a ghost or two residing with or visiting you. And yes, you may be sensitive and open to another realm of existence outside of the one that we are all familiar with. You may have had a tag along from your unwarranted visit to the asylum, but chances are they returned back to their familiar surroundings long long ago. Seeing apparitions happens. It is rare due to the amount of energy required on the part of the ghost to manifest itself in our realm... apparently they have a hard enough time doing so in their own realm let alone ours, but it happens.

  Melanie, that is about the best that I can do with what I have to go on. When dealing with data collected by a party outside of my own organization I have to take a more closed, skeptical stance. You must realize that I was not witness to the situation nor part of setting up controls or standards. I'm sure that you understand. Again, thank you allowing me to take a look at your videos and seeking my advice. I'm here should you need help in this or any other matter that falls within the bounds of my expertise.

Take care,

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