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Ok, so I hope you don't think I'm crazy but...

My boyfriend is away a lot for his military training so at first this was only happening to me. I would wake up with this overwhelming sense of anxiety, we have two dogs and they would wake up also. Some nights I would be laying in bed and I could hear a man speaking sternly and a woman sobbing. The conversation sounded muffled so I just chalked it up to someone outside on the sidewalk talking but when I checked no one was outside. This morning when I woke up for work my boyfriend told me he hadn't slept all night. He then went into telling me how he woke up with the same sense of anxiety and looked down our hall so see a shadowy figure standing in our bathroom just looking towards him. He then went on to explain to me that it stood there for a long time and when he finally decided to walk down the hall it was no longer there. Yesterday when I came home from work he told me that in the morning he heard the same type of muffled conversation and checked all around the house and no one was to be found. The noises happened in the same area of the house that I heard it in. I never told my boyfriend about the experiences I had. There has also been some other strange events happening in our house. There are times where it sounds like someone is walking around upstairs when we are sitting in the living room (these sounds of someone walking around would be coming from our bedroom which is right above the living room). When I was doing laundry one time I had started the washer and closed it and started the dryer and walked upstairs, when I returned down stairs to switch over the loads the washer lid was open and the wash had stopped mid cycle, no one had gone down stairs at any point. Our living room light has a remote to control the dimmer and on/off function along with the fan speed. Some nights the light will shut off on it's own, dim on it's own along with brighten or turn the fan on. Our dogs wake up from napping at random points and just go off and stare at corners or up the stairs. There are many other things that have happened but nothing violent in nature. My boyfriend is deploying in the next few weeks, I need to know if there's something we need to do about this before it worsens or becomes violent. I should also tell you that both his grandfather's and my grandmother's spirits have been known to be around us.

Any and all input/advice would be very appreciated,

Thank you,


Hi Alicia,

Thank you for your confidence in me in coming to me with this. It definitely sounds like you have a quandary on your hands. I'm not sure what your respective faiths are, but, assuming you both are Christians this I believe is what you need to do.

It sounds that even though it doesn't seem violent, it is not a "good" spirit. I would definitely recommend getting the house blessed before he leaves on his deploy. It's comforting that the dogs are simply staring, rather than bristling and snarling and growling. This tells me it is not as serious of a bad guy as to be hugely concerned. But you don't want to abide ANY bad guy in your home.

I prayed before I read your question and asked for understanding and I think God has granted it to me.

Just in case there is a trapped spirit (the woman), I'd like for both of you to earnestly pray for her. That the angels might come and escort her home to Jesus. I feel like the one that your boyfriend saw in the hallway was the entity trapping her. If it is not simply a place memory. (Referring to the conversation.)

Also I want you two to do this. This is something that popped into my head so those thoughts are not usually of my own creation...

I again, assuming you are praying to God, through Christ- I want the two of you to set aside a time every night until he deploys to focus on Him. As a couple. And I want you two to get on your knees before you go to bed, together, holding hands, and pray to Him as a couple. Pray that God would send His warring angels to confront any evil within the home and remove it. Pray for Him to draw both of you closer to Him. And to grow your love for one another. And for Him to draw you even closer to your boyfriend in accordance to His will. Sorry, this is just what I'm getting. You pray for protection for him while he is deployed. He needs to pray that God protect you while he is away.

I know that yall are not married, BUT, you both are living as a married couple; and I'm assuming intimately even. So long as both of you are in Christ, your boyfriend has authority over the household. Spiritually speaking. Due to this, before he leaves for deploy, I want him to take up his authority in Christ and walk through the house and pray in each room. I want him to speak to any evil that abides, room by room and come against it. Demand it to depart to the pit. Everything in Christ's name. You can be with him while he does this. This in addition to having the house blessed.  

I just want to make sure all the bases are covered. And I can't get away from this so I hope you aren't offended- God's pressing me in my spirit- when yall pray with one another, do not neglect to ask forgiveness each night for being intimate outside of the marriage covenant. That is something that He's pushing at me to include.

As for your grandparent's spirits- it very well could be. But DON'T attempt to communicate with them. There are things called "familiar spirits". These are bad guys that pretend to be loved ones to draw you into spiritism or the attempting of communication w/ spirits. If it ISN'T them and happens to be one of these familiar spirits and you attempt to communicate with them, it creates what is called a "legal right". This allows for them to interfere in your lives. They consider the desire to communicate a license to interfere. Even though it is attained by fraudulent means. All I'm saying is to be careful. These things can be very convincing.

Keep in contact with me and before he deploys I will pray ahead of him and see if God reveals particular words to use in it that I will forward so he can print off and use in his prayer when he goes through the house.

Just keep the old peepers peeled and let me know anything else that happens. Lastly, as you do have something there that is not of God, I would suggest playing some gospel music, or praise and worship music. Even if it is through Youtube. Just so long as it is being played. This will serve as an irritant to the bad guy and hopefully make him want to leave of his own accord. Can't hurt.

God bless you, I hope this helps and please stay in touch. I will do my best to help you guys in any way I can. I'm not a "one question expert". I'll be with you two for the duration so long as I'm welcome.

God bless!

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