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i we where taking pictures in our basement and when we went to look at them there was a images in the back ground  now my grandaugther is scared to be in the house is there anything i cant do to make this sprit leave . thank you for your time

Hi Eyvonne,

 Thank you for writing to AllExperts with your inquiry. Your question was sent to the 'question pool' by the person that you had originally asked and I have taken it from there to answer. My name is Greg Pocha and I am an expert here and specialize in ghosts, hauntings and paranormal phenomena. If you wish you can view my profile here:

  As your question is very lacking in any information I can only make educated guesses and assumptions about your situation. For one thing it does not look like there is anything paranormal with your situation. Basements are generally places where people do not like to go. They are generally darker, cold and clammy and quiet. They can be subject to infra sound and higher humidity, both of which can lead to haunt like sensations. They are also the usual site of the power box, which is the main source of electricity for the residence and hence the main source of higher than usual electromagnetic fields, which can aversely affect those who are sensitive to them, again causing haunt like sensations.

  You do not mention how long you have lived in the home. If it has been awhile, it is unlike that a content ghost, that is one who just goes about it's day without bothering the living, is going to start causing any trouble. It is also unlikely that a wandering spirit has suddenly decided to take up residence in your basement. If you haven't lived there long, then you may very well have inherited a ghost - but I honestly feel that that is not the situation that you are facing. Ghosts - probably not. High imagination - highly likely. Let's look into the reasons.

  You do not mention exactly what it was that you captured in your photo so I will mention some of the things that "photographers" have taken pictures of that were [and still are] being mistaken as something otherworldly. The first major culprit is plain old dirt, lint, dust and smudges on the lens itself. Very few people go to the trouble of actually cleaning the camera lens prior to taking a photo. The second major cause is the use of flash. Flash can cause reflection and refraction of light that show up in photos. That bounced light may hit the lens directly giving a strange light "streak" or may illuminate a piece of dirt on the lens causing strange glows or streaks. Even how one holds a camera using flash can cause paranormal oddities on the finished picture as a finger may bounce light from the flash to the lens. Another culprit is having something in front of the lens such as a strand / clump of hair or a camera strap. These two items are often mistaken as paranormal entities or vortexes. As well, flash bouncing off of small airborne particles that happen to be in the right position at the right time in front of the camera will bounce light back and cause orbs. Ninety-nine percent of "orb" photographs are from this error.  

 The child's reaction is common and expected. For example, I planted dill seeds in my yard last week. I expect dill to grow as a result. The idea of a ghost in the basement was planted in your granddaughter's mind awhile back. Guess what is growing as a result? Fear is a normal psychological response to something that the adults are making out to be beyond [para] normal and "scary". Children are susceptible and prone to the actions and reactions of those around them. Although this situation is likely much ado about nothing, the seed has been planted. The issue now is how to remedy this situation without blowing it out of proportion and exaggerating and subsequently reinforcing the "ghostly" aspect.

  As my concern for the child is foremost I would let her know that you asked an expert about the photo and he said that it was nothing more than dirt on the lens. If you do not wish to lie to your granddaughter I will say this... "Eyvonne... I am an expert and the photo is nothing more than dirt on the lens." There - lie averted. For visual effect you could shred a Kleenex and put some of the lint on the lens before hand and show her..., "See? See how dirty the lens is?" Then make light of it - pooh pooh it away as a mistake and nonsense, a 'My Bad!' situation. You may also wish to tell a few others in the household about the "error", again making light of the "error" of mistaken identity and let your granddaughter tell them about how much dirt was on the lens. This incidentally is a prime example of the placebo effect at work. Then do not mention it again. Do not appear apprehensive or afraid of going into the basement. If it is not brought up again chances are that she will soon grow out of the belief -Oh... to have the innocence of the young again!. The best way of stopping a sowed seed from sprouting is to not water it or nourish it in any way.

  If it makes you feel better, it is a simple matter to get rid of any negative energies that may be present in your home. You could do a simple smudging with white sage, sweetgrass, cedar, and / or mugwort.  Do not do this around your granddaughter. Use the placebo on her and do the cleansing to suit yourself should you find that necessary. There is no harm in doing a simple cleansing once in a while anyway as long as it is done correctly. If done wrong you can invite more trouble than it is worth. Look at it this way - it is nice to open your doors and windows to let the stale winter air out and fresh air in as long as a swarm of bees or the neighborhood thief doesn't enter while the doors are open. If you want assistance in how to properly and safely do a cleansing please write back and let me know.

 Well Eyvonne, I hope that this has helped in some way clear up some of the concerns that you had over your photograph... the one taken with the dirty lens [nudge, nudge, wink, wink!]. If you feel that I can be of any further assistance, I'm here to help.

Take care,

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