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When I was a kid, 5-6 years old I had an experience that still scares the hell out of me when I think about it. It started with simple things, objects moving (especially the night light - it was of the corded variety, and smashed against the floor on its own many times at night, watched it do it once) and me seeing outlines of...something (not a human shape, it was round and short - this thing moved my blankets while I watched one day, pushed them down against the wall. A small section, but noticeable especially when watching.) I'd also occasionally see something iridescent move across a doorway, a kind of jagged line of sorts. The day that sticks in my mind most was the day this...image showed up on the ceiling of my room (daytime, sunny day, blinds closed, rough drawing attached.) It would start with a tone of sorts, then this image would appear on the ceiling. Always in the same spot. Always starting with this tone. Clear, reverberating tone. Then the howling would begin. This was a very clear, long lasting howling noise that would last 30-45 seconds at a clip. Imagine a moaning sound, but at a high pitch and sustained. This went on for HOURS. Tone, image, howling. Repeat. It was almost rhythmic. Turning on the lights did nothing. Nothing I said or did changed it (I put the pillow up over my ears and clearly heard this THROUGH the pillow. It was loud.) I know as fact this was not just my imagination. Nothing like this happened before, and never again. Shortly after this incident, I stopped seeing outlines of...whatever it was, things stopped moving, and I didn't see anything else coming across doorways. I'm actually afraid to find out what this thing was - or if I can just forget about it because I was a nutty kid and my brain fried for a while then rewired itself to not be crazy anymore. It's important to note that my mother in the other room heard NONE of this. So...I guess my question is...What in the world was it? Paranormal or some kind of brain trick?

Given your age at the time, it's really extremely difficult to come to any conclusions.  I can say, the image you're describing, and the sounds, don't come across as paranormal.  The reason it's so difficult to come to a conclusion, is that you were at the right age for psychic awakening... yet the things you experienced don't fall into any typical categories for the things most psychic folks sense. (With the exception of the blanket-mover).

Whatever moved your blankets may have been a spirit entity, but it's also possible that everything you experienced was due to some sort of hallucination, which subsided as you aged (and the growth of your brain continued).  One of those freak episodes in a person's life when things don't go the way they're supposed to, for a while.

Poltergeist activity is, more often than not, caused by a person, and not a spirit - it's a sort of uncontrolled psychic epilepsy, where psychokinetic abilities go a bit haywire. The person who's doing it generally has no idea that they're the cause, so they're freaked out by the occurrences.  Since stress and heightened emotions are generally the triggers, that of course just makes things worse.

It's possible that things did go a bit haywire in your brain for a while, and the things that moved may have been the result of your own ability, rather than any external spirits.  Given the nature of what you're describing, I would strongly lean in that direction as an explanation.

The real question is, do you have ability now?  Have you sensed any paranormal/psychic phenomena since then?  (Do you perceive auras, pick the phone up before it rings, or have things move around you with no explanation? -these are just a few examples).

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