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QUESTION: I have three children, the oldest is 21 and she is now expecting a child of her own, a 19 year old son at college, and a 15 year son. We have noticed things since we first moved into the apartment 18 months ago. We spent the first two weeks cleaning and painting the place before moving into it. The first day we were there cleaning we found pennies all over the apartment, along with random nails and screws. Didn't think much of it, the next day we found more pennies and a few nails/screws and I thought I just missed them the day before,but once we got into the fourth day and shampooing all the carpets and we were still finding pennies I knew something was not quite right. We still find pennies at the oddest places in the apartment, in front of the refridgerator, next to the sofa, on the radiators, next to the head of my bed, and even on the hood of my daughters car. During the first month we lived there we found a bartenders guide from the 1930's under a radiator in my bedroom, which I know was not there when I cleaned that room, the previous owner had cats and the room needed to be thoroughly cleaned. At times I can smell perfume, reminds me of Chantilly Lace, a fragrance my great grandmother wore. While I was away on vacation my daughter texted me to say she saw a face in the window watching her while she was outside with our dog. At times it sounds like someone is turning the knob to my bedroom door and my door will open and there is no one there, the refridgerator door will open again with no one there. Cabinet doors are open at times, and my daughter has told me that one day when she went out to the kitchen first thing in the morning that the cabinet door was open and all the canned goods were on the kitchen table. A friend that stayed at our place the other week asked me if the apaprtment was haunted because he saw a light travel across the bed, the floor and go into the closet, where the should have been no light reflecting from anywhere. Our family dog will not go into the basement, she has actually pulled out of her collar/leash to get out of the basement, and then waits patiently outside for us to come out. Both the dog and cat will stare at the walls for no apparent reason. Last night before picking up my son I turned the tv off, it was still off when we got back, we then went out for something to eat and when we got home the tv was on with no volume. The activity seems to be increasing since finding my daughters pregnancy. Is this possible? At first I could explain things away, the flickering light in the living room as electrical wiring, the apartment is old. The pets watching the walls, a mouse scratching that I just didn't hear with the tv on, the pennies one of the kids playing a prank etc. But I can't explain it all away any more. I will say that none of us have a bad feeling about any of this, it is more of a calming feel. Is there a way for us to find out what it is, or who it is, or why this is happening?

ANSWER: Hello Dena,

What sort of emotions were floating around when you found out your daughter is going to have a baby?  Ghosts love negativity.  If you were all delighted, no problem, but if you were frustrated or angry, it feeds energy to negative entities.

The pennies .. what year was on the coins, did you notice?  The bartender's guide might be a clue to something (and time) important in the ghost's life.  If you own the house, can you track the history of the owners through your local council, if you rent, can you ask the current owners if they know of anyone from the 1930's, or who died in the 1930's.  I would ask about a female, given you smelt the perfume, but its just as possible you have two ghosts.  You want to know about events that create emotions, like deaths or fights .. anything with drama, because that energy leaves its mark on any room it was in.

Next time the groceries are unpacked from the cupboard, ask to have them put back again?  Otherwise check what is on that shelf .. is there a hidden hole in the wall of the pantry?  Who knows, you might find something that explains everything that is happening .. or it could simply be that a ghost who was looking for a home and family found you and yours and decided to stay.

I don't recommend people live in haunted houses as its not good for our energy.  Ghosts tend to attach themselves to people and start influences their moods and behaviours.  A spirit becomes a ghost when it does not cross into heaven when it dies.  They keep living the same emotions, fears and phobias they had when they were alive, and this can make the person they are attached to feel very peculiar, or worse, depressed or angry, just as the ghost was before it died.  Ghosts should be in heaven .. doesn't matter whether we believe in it or not, or are religious or not, there is a healing place for all humans when we die, but we have to choose to go there, or be escorted.

Ghosts are generally not nasty, but they are not good for our energy, and they are trapped inside a bubble of memories of events that caused them great pain.  It's not a good place to be when we are living, and even worse when we are dead.  At least as living people we can ask for help, and probably get it .. but the dead are mostly unseen, so have to make their presence felt (or take stuff out of the cupboards).  It takes a person long dead to have that much strength, and that can be a problem if that person/ghost decides they are annoyed because no one is paying attention.  This request works by clearing negativity from ourselves first, and then you change it to clear your home.  It's not complicated, just read the page so you understand what needs to be done, and then say it like you mean it.  Whomever the ghost is, they will be gently escorted into healing, which will set them free .. stop the influx of pennies .. although I would check the dates on them. :-)  The older ones might be valuable.  

The who, the what and the why can be answered with a little research, or you could ask a medium to come to your home and have a discussion with the ghost.  I can't recommend any, livintg as I do, in Australia, but if you check your local new age store, they should have a list.  Then clear your house, or let him or her cross the ghost, or ghosts, over.  

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: In answer to your questions, first reaction was OMG to the baby, since i did not kow she was even dating someone, but after initial shock it has all been positive. Second to the pennies they are all random dates some very old and some newer all of which I have kept in a jar in the kitchen.
There is very little negativity in our home, as for our downstairs neighbors and there have been different ones there is ALWAYS arguing going on.
But my question is with the invocations. I was warned by someone i work with to be careful with these, that you can sometimes cause more damage than good. Like bringing more spirits/ghosts into your home. Or making the spirit/ghost that is there angry. Is that possbile? We certainly don't have a problem with they way things are right now, it hasn't done anything hurtful. And I know from time to time I have tried speaking with it, once I joked about the penny I found on the floor, saying if you are going to leave me money could you leave me something of more value, when I came home from work there was a quarter in the exact spot I had found the penny. I don't want to turn this into something bad. But I certainly do not want to keep a spirit/ghost here on earth either, would like to help it move to where she/he belongs.

Hello Dena,

I understand the worry, and I agree with your work-mate - some things can stir up more trouble, but I have never had a case where it made the ghosts more angry, people do that, a request for help for them and you is unlikely to - and if you read it you'll see it doesn't invite in more ghosts.  And just to make sure of that, here's another link for a 'house shield' that keeps everything out of the house.  I've been using it for over 10 years, ever since my mother came out of her bedroom early one morning, at our old house, and demanded I keep 'them' out of the house.  That was after a ghost woke her up looking for me.  She sent the 'lady' upstairs to find me, which she did.  That was a funny night.  :-)

When you do the Invocation, clear 'the whole building', not just your apartment.  Wrap the pyramid shield around the house and then do the Invocation, or visa versa.  If you think you can't visualize (see in your head) something, then just command it into being.  It only takes a little imagination and it really does work.  I use them any night I am feeling haunted.  I suggest you create it every night for a week or so, just to make you feel better.

I love the story about the quarter.  The ghost has a sense of humour.  That's good.  We have a ghost here in town who is going from building to building.  'She' lives here.  I've touched on her energy in different buildings at different times of day.  We figure she's 'going shopping' in the town of more than 50 years ago, but since she's not staying in one place I'm just keeping a watch on her.  When she's ready to cross she already knows I can help, so I will if she needs me to.

And if the problem persists, which is unlikely, you can email me directly at, with your address, and I'll clear the house for you.  I've also been doing that for people ever since I got on the internet over 15 years ago.

Love & Peace

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