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I recently went to a well-known haunted vicinity where I made contact with three separate spirits (although one of them gave off a very hostile vibe) and now I have found a series of scratches up and down my legs, the biggest of which are three straight cuts down my thigh. I'm not so much curious about the scratches (I know demons are able to harm, and 3 scratches is a mock of the Holy Trinity) but I'm wondering if spirits/demons can latch onto a person and follow them home.

Yes, they can.  Not all spirits are connected to a location, and many can go wherever they want to.  However, if you're not psychically sensitive, and don't react, they're not likely to find you very interesting.  Put on some cheerful music, burn a bit of sage and cedar, or a nice-smelling incense, and ignore them to death.

On the other hand, the scratches might not have anything to do with spirits... you might've just scratched your leg on something while walking.  It's fairly rare for spirits to be able to create physical effects of that sort.  

If you are psychically sensitive, do a house cleansing, and put up some house shields.  Usually a show of competence and force is all that's required to get them to look for easier pickings elsewhere. Rarely will they actually want to get into a fight with someone who can fight back. (Untrained psychics who can't defend themselves are a main target, however).

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