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QUESTION: Hello Sir, Thank you for your reply regarding the apparition.  I am not sure I exactly understood it though or about the clincher being it was taken in a Jewish cemetery?  I know it was taken there since I took the photo.  I was asking about what you thought about the light apparition that appeared to look like Jesus or a biblical figure. There were also other apparitions (shadow ones) in the photo.  I very much appreciate your opinion and the time you took though.  It was nice of you.  
One last question, you didn't respond about the two videos I sent you.  What were your opinions of them?  Thank you in advance.  Sarah

ANSWER: Hi Sarah,

  The photos that you sent were common pareidolia. Christ has also been seen in clouds and toast due to the same phenomena. As well I had to take into consideration the amount of editing required to bring out the image including but not limited to adjusting color, gamma, contrast brilliance and using filters such as edge detection, noise removal, etc. Using those techniques, and given enough time and technology, I could make an apple look like God himself.

  Background and lighting was taken into consideration as well as the actual camera used. I rarely look at .3gp photos as they are taken with devices that are not primarily cameras. Remember that these devices, cell phones often sit in a pocket or purse until the desire to take a photograph arises. Very seldom are the lenses cleaned of dust and lint or smudges from handling. So most cell cameras are taking contaminated "evidence" from the get go.

  The reason that I mention the Jewish cemetery was not for your benefit but rather for the others who may be reading your question, looking at the photos and my reply. Had I not mentioned that fact there would be those who would read my reply and say, "Well Duhhhh Mr. Expert... why would Christ be in a Jewish cemetery. Some expert he is...  he can't see the obvious... blah...blah...blah" ...then I get e-mails. An ounce of prevention. When I answer I answer primarily for the questioner and secondary for the casual reader. I never answer for myself.

  As the videos were also in .3gp format the quality is poor. Please also realize that using a phone to record video/audio phenomena is again, contaminated, especially where audio is concerned. After all, isn't the whole point of a phone to transmit and receive voices? No parapsychologist in his right mind would consider cell phone, walkie talkie, or any other device meant to send and or receive transmissions [including "ghost boxes"] as reliable data unless they were used under controlled conditions such as using a Faraday cage. I will however, take a second look. Again, time is required as this type of work is done over and above our regular workload and you videos require reformatting as well as audio extraction and analysis.

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Take care,

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply.  I await your answer to the videos and appreciate your time.   They weren't taken with an iphone or anything, just an LG phone.
Also, just to let you know the light apparition to the right of the tree (viewed upon darkening) was not manipulated in any way to get the image except for zooming and cropping.  I don't even know how to use photoshop or other editing software since I don't often take photos or videos for that matter.  I can view the image quite clearly without manipulation and so can my friends.  They are just laymen however, so I wanted a second opinion.  I didn't  go into the cemetery to take ghost/paranormal/religious photos, it was just to take photos for a funeral.  The light apparition was viewed  secondarily.  Again, thank you for your opinion.  I have read some of your  journal articles and think you are highly knowledgeable.
In conclusion, will you be posting your reply to the videos on I await your reply.  Thank you.  Sarah

Hi Sarah,

  That is the interesting thing about pareidolia. If the situation and circumstances of the image [or sensory input]is right more than one person may witness it. After all, some clouds do look like bunnies and some potato chips do look like Lincoln. When showing the photo never tell your friends what to look for. They will often see what you suggest - that falls into the categories of both psychology and parapsychology.

  I fully realize that you did not manipulate the photo, that is one of the first things that I look for when I am sent a program. I have the software to tell altered photos. Yours was not, else I would not have spent any time on it at all. There is a psychological "expectation" that if there is something "out of place" in a photo of a cemetery or haunted location that it is viewed as paranormal. That is normal and expected.

  I do find the photo very interesting, and had it been taken with an actual camera and with better controls in place my opinion would lean more to the possibility that an apparition was captured. However and unfortunately as things stand, I have to remain skeptical - that's my job;)

  As your videos were sent to me via personal correspondence, I will reply to you via regular e-mail and remove AllExperts as the middle man for now. There is no need to follow up to this reply via AllExperts as I will be in touch to your e-mail personally from this point on.

Ciao for now
Greg Pocha

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