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hi me and my 2 best friends had a sleepover and we have one almost all the time but we mostly every time do a Ouija board well ever since the first one and this weird stuff has been happening to us( like smashing old class when nothings is there whispering) well we were playing spotlight and my friend kept seeing a shadow go in and out the trees we all saw it at least once. well the next morning we went for a walk and my friend saw like black shadows feet run fast past her and than I saw a it again so we just went on like nothing happened but when we walked back we felt sick and my friend kept on seeing stuff we all stopped and saw at least 13 crows than we sat in a circle and my friend heard kill her in her ear than we saw black as black no face walk from a tree to another tree we are freaking out and don't now what to do please help us

Regardless of what oracle type of mechanism you use, you risk the chance of opening up contact between yourselves. What you encounter is around the area in the first place. So using these things make you a beacon in the night. The best this to do is to loudly tell it to leave you alone, and stop playing with Ouja boards without using proper protection. Most of the time simply telling it to leave you alone works..

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