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Hi there. I have read some entries and more than once i have seen the words "once the door is open it will not be closed" referring to someone developing his/her natural ability to communicate with the unknown, including entities. I believe I opened the door but I closed it out of fear #perhaps I'm wrong and I only TRIED to open it but never did?#. I'll explain. 20 years ago I studied the work of several new age icons, particularly Carlos Castaņeda. I learned some of the techniques explained on his bestsellers and at that time I found them fascinating. One of those techniques was "astral dreaming". At sleep time and once in bed I had to look at my hands #or any close object# concentrating my thoughts on them. A couple of times I was able to leave my body and look myself sleeping on my bed, curled up. Completely fascinated, I ventured through the home looking at some of my personal objects, aware that it was me doing the exploration, but without my body. I ventured out of the house and scared some dogs who would bark at me like crazy. At the distance all was dark and I felt afraid to venture further. Whenever something scared me I went back to my body like in a fraction of a second, like being sucked in by a vacuum cleaner, and once in I would open my eyes and find myself lying in my bed curled up, I would fall asleep and smiled because I knew the experience had been "real" and not a "dream". Then one night I even traveled to another planet with two suns. There was a beach but the water was dark not blue as ours and the people were taller than us, but somehow they did not mind me there at all and were actually friendly to me. I was aware that it was not a regular dream but that I was actually there, it's a feeling, a sensation I just can not explain it, I just knew. Then one day while driving on the freeway at noon some trailer had spell lots of oil on the road right after a curve. When I realized i was driving at highway speed over spilled oil, i did not hit the breaks because i knew the car will turn over but instead i just took of my feet from the gas pedal. The traffic had stopped ahead and the speed was not going down. I had to take the split decision to hit the breaks to avoid rear end collision with the cars stopped ahead and then my car went into a spin, spinning around several times in two and at times on just one wheel. Right then I experienced another technique described by the New Age gurus: "stopping the world". In a sense, "the world" stopped and everything happened in "slow motion". As the car was spinning, which it could had been just seconds, I had tons of time to face the situation, looking everything in slow motion not in actual real time. A feeling of conformity and acceptance of my destiny overtook me. I knew I would die and I accepted it, somehow, closing my eyes. As I closed them I saw like a short film of what my life had been. I saw pictures and/or short movie events of my life as a child, teenager, young adult. I saw some people like my mother, some sisters, all in  chronological order. Then I opened my eyes and from the bottom of my being I yelled at the top of my lungs a loud "No". I refused to die with the strongest will I had never felt ever since and grabbed the wheel and took control of the car missing collision by one or two feet, like in the Hollywood movies, and all the people on the cars looking at me, probably thinking was a lucky person I was, since they probably saw me with horror coming at them through their rear view mirrors. A year later I was able to "stop the world" again one afternoon exactly on the SAME spot of freeway when the described incident had happened. This time there was no oil spill or danger. I suddenly noticed that the freeway was empty. There were no cars in front of me and looked through the rear view mirror and no cars behind either. That was somewhat unusual. Then it happened again: the time stopped. I could move my head around, look at my hands on the wheel, look at the trees nearby but the car and the world outside had frozen. I was conscious of it, I felt weird that I could move my head and my body but see my car frozen in time, when I knew I was going to 55 miles per hour, but at that exact time in my life the car was not advancing, was not moving at all. I felt an undescribable euphoria, like extreme happiness. I smiled and thought WOW i did it again yuhuuuu!. Then all of a sudden the period of "stopping" ended and the car was moving again and all back as usual. I wanted to call all my friends and tell them but then I realized I couldn't because then I'd steer them away from me because they'd think I was crazy or going crazy so I never told anybody, except my mother, who just brushed it away thinking I had fallen asleep at the wheel for a few seconds, but I knew different because I wasn't even sleepy that day. Then I started experiencing other events. I saw some short people trying to touch me #only their shape/shadow, no face# while I was half awake/half asleep. I felt afraid so I yelled at them or "woke up" suddenly to avoid being touched. A couple of times "they" were able to touch me, making my body vibrate while they put their "hand" on my back above the waist area. One day while still awake on bed "someone" touched my feet, caressing my feet soles. It scared me a good deal. So I decided to "close the door" and never read anything about it ever again. But I sleep with the light on ever since. Actually, all the lights of my home remain on after dusk. A long time ago I tried to make it with the lights off but then I heard "something" and I'm just too afraid to try it again or I just got used to the lights on, or a combination of both things, I'm not sure. I keep a couple of battery operated lanterns to avoid darkness in case of a power outage, just in case. My mother never slept with the lights off either and since I was a child I remember asking her why she kept her lights on at night and I vividly remember her answer: because darkness doesn't come alone. I never left the lights off at night until after I decided to "close the door", I feel more safe and secure with them on, somehow. I hope this does not make you think I'm a chicken or a wimp #which I probably am from some standpoint of view#. But my question is Do you think I was able to close the door that I opened one day out of ignorance #no one warned me back then, I did it all out of curiosity and youth#? Or do you think the door is still opened waiting for me to take a peek inside again? I appreciate your time and answer.

Well, what I generally tell people is that it's very difficult to close this door, once a person has opened it.

It's not always impossible, and a good enough scare is one the things that enables some folks to do so.  Usually these are folks who have low-level innate psi abilities.  (Those with higher level innate abilities can never do this).

And no, it's not permanent.  Sooner or later, whether you will it or not, it will open again.

I would point out that just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there.  So, shutting down your abilities doesn't protect you.  It may make you less noticeable, but doesn't offer any sort of immunity (to anything except sensory overload).

My recommendation would be, if you're planning to try to reawaken your abilities, start off with basic energy control and shielding.  Learn to defend yourself and your home before you start leaving your body behind and wandering around in unknown locations (which are most likely astral realms, not other planets).

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