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Greg Pocha wrote at 2013-06-18 23:38:00

  I am Greg Pocha and am also an Expert on All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena.

I would like to add to this answer.

  First, there is absolutely nobody that can "guarantee " that they can rid a site of unwanted entities or energies. If all the beings of the light can not force an entity into action there is no way that any living person can. Actually, I would consider anyone who does guarantee success the charlatan.

  If you plan on doing your own clearing of the energy, I highly suggest that you keep any reference to any religious belief completely out of the ceremony. It has been documented that so called "blessings" only add to the amount of negativity and activity in the vast majority of cases. A minor haunting can turn pretty quickly if you "tick off" the ghosts!

  Also be aware that sage and cedar are only two of the herbs used to combat negative energies. Also you have to replace the energy that you removed with something positive or else you leave a void and voids like to be filled. Walking around a home with a burning bush is one thing, making certain that you seal the home from negative energies afterwards and fill the void are extremely important for the cleansing to work. Incidentally, I have been performing cleansing ceremonies for a very long time with a high success rate... and I can honestly guarantee  nothing, and I honestly state that FACT on my web site.  

Susan wrote at 2013-06-20 20:11:53
Mr. Pocha I answered back but questions are not accepted here. I would be interested in trying your cleansing technique if you don't mind sharing it. Thanks.

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