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QUESTION: Hello. I have several questions.

1. I have been haunted for several months & I am not sure if there is more than one ghost in my home. The activity has slowed down considerably but I am wondering if the summer months have something do with this. And if this is the case, can I expect an increase of activity again come fall/winter months?

2. The haunting turned specifically on myself for some reason. It started out haunting others in the household but quickly singled me out. It later started to follow me everywhere. Again, I do not know if there are more than one, but I am pretty sure there is. Why would it single me out? Even though I know for a fact it wants to communicate, I will not go there.

I want my life to be free from this haunting & have attempted several avenues to do this. It has thus far mocked all of my attempts. Of course in the beginning it scared me but as time went by, not much can anymore & I became desensitized to the haunting or activity.

3. Could I be playing poker with a demon? Is there such a thing as a demon? I believe there are raunchy, bad-ass ghosts out there, but are there really demons or is this a made-up phenomenon? It would be nice to know the truth, but maybe because we are where we are & they are where they are, nobody will know for sure until death.

Even though this haunting has the classic ghostly activity, I believe it is an intelligent haunting. I see apparitions, shadow people, & shadows wisp by out of the corner of my eyes. When I was younger I also had visual experiences. This only happened a couple times.

I hope you can help answer some of my questions.

Thank you

ANSWER: Well, there is such a thing as a 'demon', depending on your definition - spirits which feed on energy patterned with negative emotions, for example.  They may seek to create situations that produce what they feed on.  This doesn't sound like that sort of entity, though, particularly since it hasn't lost interest in you since you've become less frightened of it.

It's difficult to guess at the motives of the entity or entities that are interested in you - perhaps you produce more energy than the others in the household, or can sense the entities better (no point in performing for a blind audience).

You have the following options:
First, you can simply ignore it. From what you've described, it's not doing anything except being there, and following you around.  Not exactly a major issue.

Second, you could purchase an item or service from someone who has the skills to get rid of it (and is willing to guarantee them).  The risk here is that there's a high noise to actual effect ratio in that particular field (a lot of charlatans).  You'd have to check reputations and references carefully, and ensure you'd not be overcharged.

Third, you could learn to deal with it yourself. Developing your own psychic skills to the level where you can kick out a ghost may take 6 months or more of short, daily practice sessions, but it's certainly a permanent solution (for this, and any future issues).  It's not a door easily closed once it's been opened, however.

If interested in the latter, you can find some starting information in the articles section on  (Non-religious, practical, step by step stuff).

If you are worried that this might be some sort of demonic entity, drawn to negative events and emotions, I would recommend doing a general house cleansing.  A simple method involves burning a sage and cedar mix, and going through the whole house with the smoke.  Perhaps the smoke is ionizing - I can only theorize as to why this tends to work. It will break up the patterns in the energy within your home, which will make the occupants feel better, and leave nothing for an entity of that type to feed on (unless the issues are ongoing).  There are others methods for doing house cleansings as well, but this one is simple for a non-practitioner, and works well enough to deal with most 'debris'.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I appreciate your help & input. I had an investigation group in when it initially started in our home then went on to a blessing & both created more activity. When the investigators were here they picked up on unusual noises but that was it. I have ignored it for a few months now & it will not leave. I have used the white sage for cleansing several times. There are 4 in our household & the negativity here is minimal compared to most households. I think I should consider your other option of developing psychic skills if that is even possible since I am dealing with such reluctance with this or these entities. I thought either you are or you are not psychic unless I have the wrong impression of the definition of psychic. What do you mean by once that door is opened it is hard to close? I will go to your website & take a look. Thank you once again. Susan

Not everyone is born with innate psychic ability, but most people can learn it.  You have some, or you wouldn't be seeing anything at all.  By psychic ability, I mean any of the range of psi talents, from sensing energy, auras, and spirits, to influencing thoughts - the entire spectrum of ability that is associated with subtle energies, ESP, etc.  No 'psychic' has all abilities (and the most classic of them, precognition, is actually not that common).

When you begin to develop your abilities, that awareness will expand, and you will see and sense more - because spirit entities aren't uncommon at all.  They're as common as animals in the environment.  Once you begin developing your senses and working with energy, it can't be undone - you will never stop sensing them.  You will, however, learn to keep them out of your home, and defend yourself if need be.

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